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Programs for WSAW-DT3 on Friday, October 20, 2017
12:00 AM
2 Broke Girls And The Kosher Cupcakes (HD, TV-14) Max tries to pass off the cupcakes she made as kosher when she and Caroline get hired to serve them at a young boy's bar mitzvah celebration.
12:30 AM
Mom Figgy Pudding and the Rapture (HD, TV-14) Christy persuades herself into believing that her family's circumstances are perfectly fine, despite the fact that they are all technically homeless.
1:00 AM
Mom Sparkling Water and Ba-dinkers (HD, TV-14) Bonnie grows concerned when she discovers Adam smoking marijuana before they get intimate, prompting her to wonder whether he still finds her attractive.
1:30 AM
How I Met Your Mother Bass Player Wanted (HD, TV-14) The gang meets a stranger at the wedding who causes problems within the group, forcing Robin, Lily, Ted and Barney to resolve their issues about moving away.
2:00 AM
How I Met Your Mother Old King Clancy (HD, TV-14) After a bank cancels plans to construct the new headquarters building that Ted was hired to design, Barney and Marshall lie to keep him from finding out.
2:30 AM
Impractical Jokers Trouble Shoot (TV-14) Hosts Joe Gatto, Brian "Q" Quinn, James "Murr" Murray and Sal Vulcano head a luncheon for business executives and bury things in the park.
3:00 AM
TMZ (New, TV-PG) The companion to popular website presents the latest news and gossip about celebrities' lives, including births, deaths, couplings and breakups.
3:30 AM
Forensic Files The Financial Downfall (TV-14) Forensic evidence sheds new light on the supposedly accidental death of a woman who fell to her death from a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
4:00 AM
Lauren Lake's Paternity Court Watson v. Mahoney (HD, Repeat, TV-14) The presiding judge hears testimony from various people involved in paternity disputes ranging from dead-beat farthers to infidelity and everything in between.
4:30 AM
Couples Court Jones v. Jones (HD, Repeat) A 26-year-old woman believes her much older husband is being unfaithful, as she searches for the reason why another woman was in her home late at night.
5:00 AM
Anger Management Charlie and His New Therapist (HD, TV-14) Charlie's new therapy sessions leave him a little confused after he starts to see a new therapist; Ed is tricked into thinking he won the lottery by Patrick.
5:30 AM
Anger Management Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study (HD, TV-14) Charlie and Kate are forced to fight the urge to have sex with one another after breaking up; Lacey manages to get a job as a pharmaceutical rep.
6:00 AM
The Real (HD, New, TV-PG) Writer, director and producer Tyler Perry; Brock O'Hurn, Diamond White, Lexy Panterra and Yousef Erakat of "Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween."
7:00 AM
Business First with Angela Miles (TV-PG) Angela Miles and her team of traders, reporters and money managers provide financial news, trading tips and investments ideas that increase personal wealth.
7:30 AM
AgDay (TV-G) Learn the latest agriculture news related to farm policy, market trends, weather and events and human interest stories throughout farm country.
8:00 AM
Corrupt Crimes (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) An investigative series that recreates cases involving corruption, as various crime specialists analyze each individual case and provide their expert opinions.
8:30 AM
Killer Mysteries (HD, TV-14)
9:00 AM
Crime Watch Daily Mystery in the Front Seat (HD, New, TV-PG) Law enforcement unveil information regarding the mysterious killing of Sandy Long, a mother of two who was found dead inside of her own car.
10:00 AM
Dateline Tipping Point (HD, TV-14) An interview with Johnny Hincapie, who was convicted and imprisoned for 25 years after his alleged involvement in the 1990 murder on a New York subway platform.
11:00 AM
Divorce Court (New, TV-PG) The judge sees real-life couples who have filed for divorce, and after hearing both sides, she issues a legally binding ruling dissolving their marriages.
11:30 AM
Divorce Court (Repeat, TV-PG) The judge sees real-life couples who have filed for divorce, and after hearing both sides, she issues a legally binding ruling dissolving their marriages.
12:00 PM
Judge Mathis (HD, New, TV-PG) A woman sues her son for breach of contract since he allegedly didn't repay her the money she lent him for his legal troubles.
1:00 PM
Hot Bench Cheating, Drugs and Police?!; Obama Phone Hater?! (HD, New, TV-G) A woman finds her boyfriend using drugs and having sex with other women; a supposed thief is thought to have stolen a phone for those struggling financially.
1:30 PM
Hot Bench 45 Days in Jail? But I Was Innocent!; Start Fresh! Loan Money to Relatives! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman pleads guilty to stealing her boyfriend's car, but she claims he let her use it; a woman's attempt to be closer to her grandchild's mother goes awry.
2:00 PM
Judge Judy Good Deed Punished!; Pricey Patch-Up Job! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman who took in two teens is accused by the mother of one of the girls of kicking one of them out just as she went into labor.
2:30 PM
Judge Judy Broken Relationship; Tenant Take Down (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A pair of unwed parents with a large age difference dispute a claimed assault; a landlord accuses her former tenants of damaging her property.
3:00 PM
Rachael Ray Cook, Shop, and Celebrate Like an Italian Today! (HD, New, TV-G) Lidia Bastianich, Scott Conant and Fabio Viviani prepare a variety of tasty Italian dishes; Lidia demonstrates how she likes to shop for groceries.
4:00 PM
FOX News at 4 (New)
4:30 PM
DailyMailTV (HD, New, TV-PG) Jessie Palmer hosts a daily newsmagazine, which presents exclusive stories and in-depth accounts of breaking news events in entertainment and politics.
5:00 PM
Mike & Molly Mike's New Boots (HD, TV-14) Molly is possessed by the green-eyed monster when Mike introduces her as his "friend" to another woman who is clearly flirting with him.
5:30 PM
Mike & Molly Open Mike Night (HD, TV-14) Molly's growing confidence leads her to offer advice to Samuel, who wants to pursue a career in standup comedy; Molly causes Harry to stand up to his mother.
6:00 PM
The Big Bang Theory The Monopolar Expedition (HD, TV-PG) Penny and Leonard rethink their feelings for each other when he and the guys decide to spend the summer working at a facility at the North Pole.
6:30 PM
The Big Bang Theory The Champagne Reflection (HD, TV-PG) Sheldon records his final "Fun with Flags" episode; Leonard, Howard and Raj attempt to find something notable in a deceased professor's research.
7:00 PM
Hell's Kitchen Just Letter Cook (HD, New, TV-14) The remaining chefs prepare a dish featuring a protein and ingredients chosen by a game of change; Chef Ramsay must shake things up during dinner service.
8:01 PM
The Exorcist One For Sorrow (HD, New, TV-14) Andy deals with the peculiar incidents that occur on the island; Marcus gets help from a wildlife biologist with his investigation into natural disturbances.
9:00 PM
FOX News at 9 (New)
9:30 PM
Modern Family Leap Day (HD, TV-PG) Cameron's birthday falls on Leap Day, and the pressure for Mitchell to get it right is high; Phil's plans to celebrate the holiday are thwarted by the girls.
10:00 PM
Modern Family Send Out the Clowns (HD, TV-PG) After Cameron's clown mentor passes away, he is reunited with his ex-clown partner; Phil is trumped by another agent when trying to land an important listing.
10:30 PM
Last Man Standing Elfie (HD, TV-PG) Mandy arranges a surprise for the housekeeper; Ryan tries to demystify a gift Boyd received from Vanessa; sailor Raymond McKnight reunites with his family.
11:00 PM
Last Man Standing All About Eve (HD, TV-PG) Eve takes a bit of a stand when she posts one of Mike's politically-charged vlogs on her Facebook page and ignores the kids at school giving her a hard time.
11:30 PM
2 Broke Girls And the Extra Work (HD, TV-14) Max and Caroline get invited to be extras on a popular TV show shooting a scene on-location at Han's diner, and Caroline catches the eye of the director.
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