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Programs for WODR-LD1 on Sunday, September 23, 2018
12:00 AM
Ironside Something for Nothing (TV-PG) Ironside must depend upon an unlucky gambler to help him get a conviction in the case of a notorious local mobster, even though the gambler owes the mob money.
1:00 AM
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Gentleman Caller A couple stash their money in an old woman's high-rise apartment and try to commit her, but she quickly turns the tables on the husband-and-wife duo.
2:00 AM
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow A concerned man plots against his wife's wealthy aunt in an effort to protect himself from her undesired exposure of his true identity.
3:00 AM
Murdoch Mysteries Murdoch Ahoy (HD, TV-PG) Murdoch investigates the disappearance of a ship magnate's daughter and a mysterious death aboard a ship setting out for its inaugural voyage.
4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
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5:00 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp One-Man Army (TV-PG) A newspaper editor decides to launch a smear campaign against Marshal Wyatt Earp, who in turn retaliates with his own sense of justice.
5:30 AM
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The General's Lady (TV-PG) Marshal Wyatt Earp attempts to comfort the widow of General George Armstrong Custer after he husband dies valiantly at Little Big Horn.
6:00 AM
The Real McCoys The Garden Club (TV-G) Kate aspires to one day be able to attend the garden club, so Grampa tries to find a way to get an invitation to the prestigious event for her.
6:30 AM
Christian Viewpoint
7:00 AM
Alias Smith and Jones Going, Going, Gone (TV-PG) Folk-hero bandits trying to reform their ways, Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes are offered amnesty by the governor, if they stay out of trouble for one year.
8:00 AM
Alias Smith and Jones Which Way to the O.K. Corral? (TV-PG) The men sneak into Tombstone seeking a witness that could prove Big Mac McCreedy innocent of a murder charge while hiding from Wyatt Earp.
9:00 AM
The Voyager with Josh Garcia Europe Top to Bottom (HD, TV-G) Josh revisits his favorite moments from his European tour, which includes sampling reindeer got dogs in Norway and taking glass-blowing lessons in Stockholm.
9:30 AM
Wilderness Vet The Great Cat Corral (HD, TV-G) Dr. Oakley examines large cats that include wild leopards, jaguars and cheetahs, along with a few housecats that have some mysterious problems.
10:00 AM
Journey with Dylan Dreyer Wonders of the Arctic (HD, TV-G) During Dylan Dreyer's exploration of the arctic region with scientists, they meet native people who feel the effects of global warming and discover wildlife.
10:30 AM
Naturally, Danny Seo Chickpeas and Fast Cash (HD, TV-G) Danny meets furniture design students and presents surprising chickpea recipes, DIY lip and hair beauty products, and four simple ways to save $500.
11:00 AM
Give Give to Pet Owners and Their Furry Friends in South Los Angeles (HD, TV-G) In South Los Angeles, actress and blogger Jamie Chung visits two organizations that are dedicated to the well-being of pets and their human families.
11:30 AM
The Champion Within Family First (HD, TV-G) NASCAR driver Aric Amorila discusses his family values; golfer Jason Day and his caddie talk about their bond; an NHL player talks about his franchise.
12:00 PM
The Nanny Call Me Fran (TV-PG) Fran realizes that she is chasing a man who has no intentions of marrying her and decides to turn their relationship into one that is strictly professional.
12:30 PM
The Nanny Not Without My Nanny (TV-PG) Fran takes Grace to visit her pen pal, a sultan's son living in a foreign country; Fran is trapped in the Middle East when the sultan refuses to let her leave.
1:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Double Jeopardy (TV-PG) Jessica sets out to clear the name of a student in her writing class arrested for the murder of a New York slum lord.
2:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Dead Eye (TV-PG) A seedy detective, a mafia boss and a reporter who covered the JFK assassination converge in a Florida town when the long-missing remains of a PI turn up.
3:00 PM
The Rockford Files Beamer's Last Case (TV-PG) Jim Rockford will return home to his trailer and discover that an unidentified person has been living in it and taking cases under his name.
4:00 PM
The Rockford Files Trouble in Chapter Seventeen (TV-PG) An author claims her life is in danger and that feminists are to blame; Jim is not fully convinced there is a threat until a murder occurs.
5:00 PM
Christian Viewpoint
5:30 PM
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6:00 PM
Magnum, P.I. Novel Connection (TV-PG) Magnum teams up with famous crime mystery writer Jessica Fletcher to investigate when someone tries to run Higgins and Robin's editor friend off the road.
7:00 PM
Magnum, P.I. Echoes of the Mind, Part 1 (TV-PG) A woman who was kidnapped as a child with her twin sister hires Magnum when she believes someone is trying to kill her, and Magnum becomes infatuated with her.
7:30 PM
The Munsters (TV-G) A delightfully motley family of misfits goes about life in a spider-web covered mansion on Mockingbird Lane.
8:00 PM
Magnum, P.I. Echoes of the Mind, Part 2 (TV-PG) Diane's twin sister arrives and reveals information about Diane, and Magnum must try and decide which one of the sisters is actually telling the truth.
9:00 PM
Magnum, P.I. Laura (TV-PG) Magnum takes a missing-person case for a new client, a recently-retired New York City cop who is looking for the man who raped and murdered his granddaughter.
10:00 PM
Magnum, P.I. Limbo (TV-PG) Magnum is shot, and as he lies in a coma, he dreams about saying good-bye to all the people in his life, in case he is unable to survive the serious injury.
11:00 PM
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11:30 PM
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