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Programs for WZAW-LD2 on Sunday, September 23, 2018
12:00 AM
Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Knightly Murders (TV-PG) Kolchak employs a holy ax to do battle with a possessed suit of armor that is dispatching all who dare disturb its owner's final resting place.
1:00 AM
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Cyborg (TV-G) Forced to make a donation to Dr. Ulrich's "Memory Bank" when visiting the cybernetics laboratory, Nelson needs the help of female cyborg, Gundi, to escape.
2:00 AM
Land of the Giants Land of the Lost (TV-PG) A tyrannical king uses a tractor beam in order to draw a giant child's balloon the crew was hiding in to his kingdom and capture them.
3:00 AM
Swamp Thing Brotherly Love No longer is one man a human, or even an animal; he's super strong and can make plants do his bidding and he fights for the good guys.
3:30 AM
Swamp Thing An Eye for an Eye A cougar stalks Arcane and is determined to kill him for the construction of a waste producing nuclear reactor, and Will to tries to rescue the doctor.
4:00 AM
ALF Try To Remember, Part 1 (TV-G) When ALF suffers an accident and strikes his head, he becomes confused about his identity and believes he is an insurance salesman.
4:30 AM
ALF Try To Remember, Part 2 (TV-G) After ALF's head injury, he believes he is an insurance salesman, and while the family helps to regain his memory, they are distracted by the police.
5:00 AM
ALF Border Song (TV-G) While a young Mexican immigrant is wandering near the household of the Tanner family, he is surprised by a chance encounter with ALF.
5:30 AM
ALF Wild Thing (TV-G) The entire Tanner family is caught off guard by ALF's recent erratic behavior, and as they attempt to investigate what triggered his bizarre actions.
6:00 AM
Mystery Hunters Otherworldly Animals (TV-G) Araya investigates the mystery of whether or not one's dog can read their mind; Christina hunts down the truth about the scary Jersey Devil.
6:30 AM
Mystery Hunters Magical Moments (TV-G) Hosts Araya, Christina and Doubting Dave share the season's scariest, funniest, and wackiest moments using behind-the-scene footage and video diaries.
7:00 AM
Beakman's World Reflection, Beakmania & Madam Curie (TV-G) The founder of Radium, Madame Curie, discusses atomic energy, and Beakman explains why light does not travel through mirrors.
7:30 AM
Beakman's World Wheels, Beakmania & Finding Answers (TV-G) The creation of the wheel by the prehistoric man; visiting the public library and using their resources to research.
8:00 AM
Bill Nye the Science Guy Pollution Solutions (TV-G) Bill Nye shows the importance of preparing for the future by recycling, researching, and developing new ways to combat the pollution problem.
8:30 AM
Bill Nye the Science Guy Probability (TV-G) Host Bill Nye explains the concept of how statistics, probability and odds can help to predict future events.
9:00 AM
Saved by the Bell The Time Capsule (TV-G) It's 2003, and Mr. Belding and the new class find a video time capsule from the class of 1993, containing the antics of Zack and the gang.
9:30 AM
Saved by the Bell Summer Love (TV-G) Young Zack Morris comes across the path of a 9th grade girl that he had previously lied to about his age in order to flirt with her.
10:00 AM
Saved by the Bell Love Letters (TV-G) Overall chaos ensues in the classroom when Miss Bliss catches Screech passing a note to Lisa that Zack has originally written for his friend.
10:30 AM
Saved by the Bell Wall Street (TV-G) Zack breaks his Dad's videocam and uses the class' money to invest in a risky stock, which costs Miss Bliss some out of pocket money.
11:00 AM
The Brady Bunch Sorry, Right Number (TV-G) Mike gets frustrated that he can't get time on the phone for himself with nine people in the house, so he starts a second phone line, which makes matters worse.
11:30 AM
The Brady Bunch Every Boy Does It Once (TV-G) The family watches "Cinderella" on television and Bobby starts to be afraid of stepmothers, especially after Carol asks him to sweep out the fireplace.
12:00 PM
The Brady Bunch Vote for Brady (TV-G) Both Greg and Marcia announce that they are running for student body president, and their siblings take sides as the kids prepare for their campaign.
12:30 PM
The Brady Bunch The Voice of Christmas (TV-G) Everyone is a little gloomy when Carol loses her voice and may not be able to sing at the Christmas services; Alice and the kids hide Christmas gifts.
1:00 PM
Gilligan's Island Smile, You're on Mars Camera (TV-G) A space probe misses its mark and lands on the island, and the castaways clamor to fix the broken apparatus to alert the government of their whereabouts.
1:30 PM
Gilligan's Island The Sweepstakes (TV-G) Gilligan claims to have the winning ticket in a million-dollar sweepstakes; the Howells open an exclusive country club and deny fellow castaways membership.
2:00 PM
Gilligan's Island Quick Before It Sinks (TV-G) The castaways decide to build an ark for escape when the Professor's findings indicate the island is rapidly becoming immersed in the ocean.
2:30 PM
Gilligan's Island Castaways Pictures Presents (TV-G) The castaways produce a silent film using old equipment that washes ashore from a sunken ship and make plans to use it to notify the mainland.
3:00 PM
Gilligan's Island Agonized Labor (TV-G) The castaways try to familiarize the Howells with the concept of "real work" after hearing a radio report that says the millionaire has lost his entire fortune.
3:30 PM
Gilligan's Island Nyet Nyet - Not Yet (TV-G) Two Russian space explorers crash land on the island, but their offer to rescue the castaways comes at a high price: imprisonment.
4:00 PM
The Jeffersons The Expectant Father (TV-G) While spending the evening with his parents and Helen and Tom, Lionel gets a barrage of advice about parenthood from everyone and gets fed up.
4:30 PM
The Jeffersons Joltin' George (TV-G) Marcus gets in trouble with a girl's boyfriend, so George decides to teach him how to box, but the lesson only gets George in trouble with another boxer.
5:00 PM
The Love Boat Gopher the Rebel; Cabin Fever; Pacific Princess Overtures (TV-G) A young woman feels bad for Gopher and encourages him to be his own person and stand up for himself to Captain Stubing; cheating husband is caught by neighbors.
6:00 PM
M*A*S*H Henry in Love (TV-PG) Henry returns from his vacation in Tokyo and announces to the crew that he has fallen in love with a girl that he begins to show off around the camp.
6:30 PM
M*A*S*H For Want of a Boot (TV-PG) Hawkeye is in serious need of some new boots and will do anything to get a pair, but he learns he has a laundry list of things to do before he can get them.
7:00 PM
Columbo: Undercover (NR, ***) An insurance investigator requests Columbo's help in solving two murdered men possibly involved in an old bank robbery; photo pieces are clues.
9:00 PM
Touched by an Angel The Medium and the Message (TV-G) Monica tries to help a network television executive by convincing him to produce a TV show about angels.
10:00 PM
Night Gallery Big Surprise; Professor Peabody's Last Lecture; Quoth the Raven (TV-PG) A farmer promises a big surprise to a group of boys; an academic scoffs the wrong ancient god; Edgar Allan Poe gets unwanted coaching.
10:30 PM
Night Gallery Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator (TV-PG) A wily medicine man promises restored health to a poor farmer's dying daughter in the Old West.
11:00 PM
The Twilight Zone And When the Sky Was Opened (TV-PG) Three astronauts embark on a space mission, and they disappear from radar for more than 24 hours before returning to Earth and crash landing in the desert.
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