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Programs for 3ABN on Wednesday, January 17, 2018
12:00 AM
Heaven's Point of View 1 Corinthians 7:10-16, Part 2 (Repeat) Pastor Hal Steenson explores the truth about topics such as speaking in tongues and the gift of the Holy Spirit from a biblical standpoint.
12:30 AM
Exalting His Word The Identity Crisis Part 1 (Repeat) Host Shelley Quinn gives a Bible-based sermon as she explores how followers can lose their identity by not following God's plan, also discussing repentance.
1:00 AM
Contending for the Faith Fifth and Forever Kingdom (Repeat)
1:30 AM
His Words Are Life Psalm 46:3 to 53:6 (Repeat) Host Kelly Mowrer reads excerpts from the Book of Psalms from the King James Bible, including the psalmist celebrating victory and seeking forgiveness.
2:00 AM
Celebrating Life in Recovery Grace (Repeat, TV-G) Exploring methods of conquering addiction, with attention on its underlying causes and testimony from those in recovery.
3:00 AM
Revelation Insights A Day to Remember (Repeat) Evangelist Lyle Albrecht offers an interpretation of the book of Revelation, focusing on history.
4:00 AM
Spring Campmeeting Calvary Says Love
5:00 AM
Divine Design Miracle Journey and the Amazing Placenta (Repeat)
5:15 AM
His Words Are Life 2 Samuel 24:13 - 1 Kings 2:10 (Repeat) Molly Steenson shares the living power of the word of God as she reads from the King James Version of the Bible.
5:30 AM
Adventures in Missions with Wally Mandigo South Sudan Frontiersman (Repeat) Missionaries report from the front line about their work in the world's most secluded outposts.
6:00 AM
Body and Spirit Hip Training (Repeat) Instructor Dick Nunez uses his expertise to provide at-home viewers with simple and effective exercises focused on maintaining good hip strength.
6:30 AM
LifeStart Seminars Reverse Diabetes Naturally
7:00 AM
Amazing Facts Presents The Devil's Dungeon (Repeat) Pastor Doug Batchelor presents a studious hour on spiritually relevant topics such as Bible prophecy, the gospel message and the Holy Spirit.
7:30 AM
It Is Written Canada Not by Chance (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The It Is Written Canadian team is dedicated to spreading the Gospel and promoting spiritual growth across the world by preaching from the Bible.
8:00 AM
Today Cooking Heidi's Halth Kitchen Favorites (Repeat)
9:00 AM
Remodeling Your Life Fruitful Abiding
9:30 AM
Divine Design Miracle Journey and the Amazing Placenta (Repeat)
9:45 AM
Grandma's House Volcano (Repeat) Grandma Joyce Neal teaches from Chehalis, Washington, with lessons designed to introduce children to the person of Jesus Christ.
10:00 AM
Melody From My Heart (Repeat) 3ABN presents to viewers a variety of Christian music artists and musical groups, featuring worship-based songs and gospel music standards.
10:30 AM
Salvation in Symbols and Signs Pergamus (Repeat)
11:00 AM
Table Talk The Fall (Repeat) Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, David Asscherick, and Jeffrey Rosario join together in a setting inspired by Martin Luther's own table talks.
12:00 PM
3ABN On the Road Prophetic Waymarks, Part One - Finding Jesus in Prophecy (Repeat) 3ABN hits the road to travel the country, capturing on camera the music, preaching and biblical teachings that they encounter along the way.
1:00 PM
Issues and Answers Media and the Family Life, Part 1 (Repeat) Host Karen Thomas invites guests to find spiritual answers to contemporary questions from a biblical standpoint.
1:30 PM
Abundant Living Brunch For Mom's (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Curtis and Paula Eakins invite viewers to join in preparing fun recipes for a family get-together, making festive skillet potatoes and tofu scrambler.
2:00 PM
Action 4 Life Exciting Workout with the Medicine Ball (Repeat, TV-G) Host Casio Jones is joined by Rena Lee at the exercise studio to perform workouts with the medicine ball, including exercises like chest passes and squats.
2:30 PM
Perfecting Me
3:00 PM
Today Cooking Heidi's Halth Kitchen Favorites (Repeat)
4:00 PM
Tiny Tots for Jesus The Bible Tells Me Jesus Is Coming Soon (Repeat) Host Linda Johnson and the children worship, make mini-muffins in the kitchen, and play with chickens during a visit from Farmer Donny.
4:30 PM
Kids' Time Woman with Infirmity (Repeat, TV-G) Host Brenda Walsh and her young guests learn about bacteria, complete chores around the house, and learn about the woman with an 18-year sickness.
5:00 PM
Everlasting Gospel The Word Became Flesh (Repeat) Representatives of a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Sacramento, Calif., present their sermons and share the word of God with interested viewers.
6:00 PM
General Youth Conference Called Chosen but Unfaithful (Repeat) Young people from diverse backgrounds gather together to become ambassadors for Christ, encourage Christian fellowship and spread the Three Angels' Messages.
7:00 PM
A Sharper Focus (TV-G) Pastor John Lomacang presents a weekly Bible study and prayer meeting that will feature a number of topics important to the growth of the people of the church.
8:00 PM
Today Cooking Heidi's Halth Kitchen Favorites (Repeat)
9:00 PM
Amazing Facts Presents Forgiving Friendly Fire (Repeat) Pastor Doug Batchelor presents a studious hour on spiritually relevant topics such as Bible prophecy, the gospel message and the Holy Spirit.
9:30 PM
Books of the Book Rotating pairs of co-hosts undergo chapter-by-chapter examinations of either the Book of Mark, the Book of Hebrews or the Book of Romans.
10:00 PM
It Is Written with John Bradshaw Nunuku's Law (TV-G) Facing an invasion by warriors, a tribe located on a remote island responds in a way that speaks to the sacrifice made by Jesus.
10:30 PM
The Liberty Insider Parl and You (Repeat) Interviews and discussions about the religious liberty implications of contemporary news, proposed legislation and global events.
11:00 PM
Today Cooking Heidi's Halth Kitchen Favorites (Repeat)
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