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Programs for 3ABN on Monday, December 18, 2017
12:00 AM
The Three Angels Message The Mark of the Beast, Part 2 (Repeat) Bible scholars discuss interpretations of the messages given by three angels in the book of Revelation, preparing believers for the second coming of Christ.
1:00 AM
Celebrating Life in Recovery Integrity (Repeat, TV-G) Exploring methods of conquering addiction, with attention on its underlying causes and testimony from those in recovery.
2:00 AM
Life Discovery Series Defeating the Enemy Within (Repeat) Pastor Jim Reinking gives sermons that offer a fresh perspective on Scripture for viewers interested in growing with God through His Word.
3:00 AM
3ABN Homecoming 2016 Heartburn: The Key to Survivial, Part 3 (Repeat)
4:00 AM
Table Talk What is the Bible and What is It About? (Repeat) Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, David Asscherick, and Jeffrey Rosario join together in a setting inspired by Martin Luther's own table talks.
5:00 AM
Praise! Music (Repeat, TV-G) Host Kelly Mowrer takes a special, inside look at the lives and trials of sacred music composers and songwriters, including highlights, interviews and more.
5:30 AM
Wonderfully Made Medicinal Charcoal, Part 1 (Repeat) Co-hosts Daniel Miller and James Marcum offer information on the healing qualities of activated charcoal due to its use as an antidote for toxins and poisons.
6:00 AM
Body and Spirit Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain (Repeat) Host and instructor Dick Nunez uses his experience to perform for viewers a series of quick and easy exercises to relieve fibromyalgia or chronic pain.
6:30 AM
Pressing into His Presence How God Speaks To His People - Part 2 (Repeat) Author Shelley Quinn which teaches a unique form of prayer that she developed to allow Christians to have a close, two-way relationship with God.
7:00 AM
Thunder in the Holy Land Symbols Of Salvation (Repeat) Young reporters join host Pastor Charles Byrd on location in the Middle East for documentary-style segments that focus on the study of the Bible.
7:30 AM
Ultimate Prescription Urogenital Pain (Repeat) Modern medicine is examined and specialists explain how the combination of modern science and faith can result in an unbelievable method of treatment.
8:00 AM
3ABN Christmas Special Christmas with 3ABN Family and Friends
9:00 AM
House Calls with Pastors John Lomacang and John Stanton You Are Responsible (10 Commandments Part 2) (Repeat, TV-G) Pastors John Lomacong and John Stanton respond to calls and emails from viewers around the world.
10:00 AM
Free Indeed Plainfield Correctional Facility - Indiana (Repeat, TV-G) Prisoners at the Plainfield Correctional Facility in Plainfield, Ind., give testimony about how God has changed their life while serving time.
10:30 AM
Books of the Book John: The Wedding at Cana (Repeat) Rotating pairs of co-hosts undergo chapter-by-chapter examinations of either the Book of Mark, the Book of Hebrews or the Book of Romans.
11:00 AM
Revelation of Hope Revelation's Mysterious Horseman (Repeat) A series of biblical presentations for New Yorkers that are searching for answers to some of life's toughest questions and delivers answers.
12:00 PM
Behold the Lamb Presents America in Prophecy, part 1 (Repeat) Host Chris Shelton features a special message from Pastor Kenny Shelton in which he addresses individual and corporate needs concerning the kingdom of heaven.
1:00 PM
Off the Grid Final Delivery of N8838X (Repeat) An exploratory look is taken at the challenges and rewards of the Adventist World Aviation, a transportation service helping missionaries around the world.
1:30 PM
Abundant Living Curbing The Carbs (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Curtis and Paula Eakins provide helpful ways to curb carbohydrates cravings and give out a few recipes designed to be both delicious and healthy.
2:00 PM
Action 4 Life Balance (Repeat, TV-G) Host Casio Jones is joined by guest Nadine Brooks to demonstrate a simple, combined upper and lower body exercise, starting with jumping jacks and the shuffle.
2:30 PM
Heaven's Point of View Matthew 19:3-12, Part 1 (Repeat) Pastor Hal Steenson explores the truth about topics such as speaking in tongues and the gift of the Holy Spirit from a biblical standpoint.
3:00 PM
3ABN Christmas Special Christmas with 3ABN Family and Friends (Repeat)
4:00 PM
Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus is Happy When I Obey (Repeat) Host Linda Johnson and her young guests worship, visit Farmer Mike and his seeing-eye dog, go for a nature walk, and hear a story about King Ahab.
4:30 PM
Kids' Time Road to Emmaus Family (Repeat, TV-G) Host Brenda Walsh and her young guests learn about tortoises, electromagnets and the story of Jesus Christ's appearance after his crucifixion.
5:00 PM
The Liberty Insider Protest and Liberty: 12th Century (Repeat) Interviews and discussions about the religious liberty implications of contemporary news, proposed legislation and global events.
5:30 PM
Your Favorites By Request
6:00 PM
The Grace Pipeline Faith's Hall of Fame (TV-G) Host Shelley Quinn uses scriptural passages to discuss the definition of preternatural faith and the followers that upheld their faith.
6:30 PM
Mission 360 Window into Gibraltor
7:00 PM
Discover Prophecy How To Get And To Remain Undeceived (Repeat) Pastor David Asscherick discusses biblical topics such as the mark of the beast, the nation of Babylon, and how not to go to hell.
8:00 PM
3ABN Christmas Special Christmas with 3ABN Family and Friends (Repeat)
9:00 PM
Spring Camp Meeting 2017 Is Sunday the Lord's Day? (Repeat)
10:00 PM
The Carter Report (TV-G) Evangelist John Carter shares a message for today, with reports on the former Soviet countries.
11:00 PM
3ABN Christmas Special Christmas with 3ABN Family and Friends (Repeat)
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