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Programs for ION Life on Sunday, August 20, 2017
12:00 AM
Ambush Makeover Hidden Beauty (TV-PG) A waitress has been hiding behind a wig for years, but style agent Nancy makes her take it off to reveal the beauty that has been trapped underneath.
12:30 AM
Ambush Makeover Going to the Dogs; Special Celebration (TV-PG) A woman who loves to wear matching bandannas with her dog gets a surprise visit from style agent Nancy; a woman gets a sexy makeover for engagement.
1:00 AM
Diva on a Dime Graduating Diva (TV-PG) After earning an MBA, mom Jennifer wants a special outfit for her graduation celebration, so the team takes Jennifer to designer, discount outlets.
1:30 AM
Diva on a Dime Girl Talk (TV-PG) Marketing specialist Danielle wants an accessible and professional look for her job, so the team takes her to the Annual Clothing Show.
2:00 AM
Bulging Brides Stress Test (Meghan) (TV-14) A future bride is so stressed about planning her wedding that she deals with her anxieties by eating too much, which has left her too big to fit into her dress.
2:30 AM
Bulging Brides Ring of Fire (Lorri) (TV-14) A bride-to-be's wedding dress has become too small for her thanks to the weight she's gained from partying along with her girlfriends.
3:00 AM
Reality Obsessed Spinning (Repeat, TV-14) Murtz discusses if reality stars have to have a special talent to get their own spin-off show, or if it's just luck; Murtz tries to recognize star potential.
3:30 AM
Reality Obsessed Shape Shifting (Repeat, TV-14) Murtz tries to answer the question, "What makes a reality star at hero?" by comparing reality stars who have faced their own fears versus scripted challenges.
4:00 AM
Esther Extraordinaire Lofty Ideas (Romy and Jeremy) (TV-PG) Interior designer Esther Tracy helps real-estate agents redecorate their great room so that it will catch their clients' attentions; Esther sets up her son.
4:30 AM
Esther Extraordinaire Funderground (Ron and Adine) (TV-PG) Interior Designer Esther Tracy is faced with a challenge when a family who loves hockey asks her to transform their basement into a place to hang out.
5:00 AM
Reality Obsessed All Stars II (Repeat, TV-PG) Murtz hosts his second "Annual Murtz All Star Competition," with top reality stars competing in multiple challenges for a chance to win the MVP award.
5:30 AM
Reality Obsessed Making Monsters (Repeat, TV-14) Murtz talks to three reality stars who are written as being the "bad guy," and gives them a chance to prove that they're not like their on screen counterparts.
6:00 AM
Breeder of the Pack Duck Tollers (Repeat, TV-PG) A woman who owns Foxgrove Kennels trains dogs to hunt as she pushes her own dogs to the limits preparing for the Canadian Kennel Club's licensed Hunt Test.
6:30 AM
Breeder of the Pack Poodles (Repeat, TV-PG) A couple who owns thirty poodles assist one of their female dogs give birth, using infant incubators to make sure she doesn't lose a second litter.
7:00 AM
Amazing Abs Tone, tighten and burn fat - In seated comfort! Transform your entire body with the Ab Doer 360!
7:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
8:00 AM
Fresh with Anna Olson Show-Off Plated Dinner (TV-G) Host Anna Olson invites a group of colleagues for a French inspired dinner and makes brioche toast with brandied mushrooms in cream and braised beef short ribs.
8:30 AM
Fresh with Anna Olson Bacchanalia Buffet (TV-G) Host Anna Olson prepares overnight-baked ham with a Riesling-mustard glaze, a loaded potato bake and a grilled apple and fennel salad.
9:00 AM
Now Eat This! with Rocco Dispirito Albury Family (TV-G) Rocco meets a family that loves southern comfort foods, but they recently learned they have to watch their cholesterol for the forseeable future.
9:30 AM
Now Eat This! with Rocco Dispirito Aufiero Family (TV-G) Rocco meets a family with a professional nutritionist mother, but struggle finding healthy meals that the children will enjoy as well as the parents.
10:00 AM
Free Copper Pan! Copper Chef is the non-stick, no clean up pan that serves as a roasting pan, rice cooker, steamer, stock pot, wok and baking dish!
10:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
11:00 AM
Tai Cheng with Dick Van Dyke Join legendary entertainer Dick Van Dyke as he explores Tai Cheng, a 90-day program shown to improve balance, reduce pain and have you feeling younger.
11:30 AM
How to Tighten Crepey Skin Smooth, firm and lift the look of dry, wrinkly crepe paper-looking skin.
12:00 PM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
12:30 PM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
1:00 PM
Divine Design Robyn's Guest Bedroom (TV-PG) A couple asks Candice to help them re-decorate a guest bedroom that they use to house friends and relatives that visit them from around the world.
1:30 PM
Divine Design Patrice's Home Office (TV-PG) A woman who works from home doesn't have a proper office, so Candice and the team help her to create a functional office space that is organized and stylish.
2:00 PM
Real Designing Women Wealthy Clients (Repeat, TV-PG) Dee Dee finishes up a design for a Senator's wife, all while demonstrating how the job gets done for her team; Lori goes décor shopping the Laurel Canyon villa.
2:30 PM
Real Designing Women New Times, New Ways (Repeat, TV-PG) Dee Dee puts her junior designers in charge of an online site; Jennifer takes on a low-budget renovation; Lori's newest client gets lost in the details.
3:00 PM
Ambush Makeover Overdone; Lackluster to Luscious (TV-PG) Style agent Nancy helps a "Barblie look-alike" find a new understated sense of style; style agent Gigi gives a college student a complete makeover.
3:30 PM
Ambush Makeover Slim and Sexy; Long Locks (TV-PG) Style agent Dorthy helps a woman who has lost 75 pounds to find a look that will accentuate her new figure; a young man gets buzz cut for double date.
4:00 PM
Bulging Brides Closing the Gap (Samah) (TV-14) When a very busy bride has a major gap in the back of her dress, she tries to control her food portions and work on her fitness to fit into her dress.
4:30 PM
Bulging Brides Period of Adjustment (Kimberly) (TV-14) A bride shares a love of food with her fiancé, but that habit will have to change now that her wedding day is fast approaching and her dress still doesn't fit.
5:00 PM
Style by Jury Not a Pig Farmer (TV-14) An unfashionable mother desperately wants a brand new look, so host Bruce Turner steps in and gives her a radical seven-day transformation.
5:30 PM
Style by Jury Renaissance Woman (Sema) (TV-14) A 40-year-old woman desperately wants to get a makeover, so host Bruce Turner steps in to help and gives her a radical seven-day transformation.
6:00 PM
Colour Confidential Amanda and David's Dining Room (TV-G) A couple eager to give their dining room a bold, new color scheme turn to design expert Jane Lockhart for help transforming their dining room.
6:30 PM
Colour Confidential Leah and Bill's Loft (TV-G) Host Jane Lockheart uses fresh colors to transform a couple's third story attic into a space with a refreshingly light look and feel.
7:00 PM
Room To Grow Beyond Curb Appeal (TV-G) Carson and Amanda take on an unusual project when they are asked to take the elements of the back garden a home's front yard to entertain guests or relax.
7:30 PM
Room To Grow A Quiet Place (TV-G) The hosts bring elements of a zen garden to a small, urban courtyard using sand, wood, rock, water, minimalist plantings and Asian furnishings.
8:00 PM
Ambush Makeover Kiddy Style; Luxurious Law Student (TV-PG) Style Agent Nancy helps a mother who has a similar style to her three-year-old daughter transform into a sophisticated woman; style agent Nicole visits Chicago
8:30 PM
Ambush Makeover Miami Makeover; Dazzling Diva (TV-PG) A woman needs help finding a more relaxed style for a surprise proposal and style agent William assists her; a woman gets a makeover for a job interview.
9:00 PM
Room To Grow Rooms with a View (TV-G) Carson and Amanda create several rooms on a wide open rooftop that gives a great view of the city, with unique planters dividing the rooms.
9:30 PM
Room To Grow A Garden to Live in (TV-G) Amanda and Carson help a young family that are stumped with their garden design after installing their deck, fences, and back patio.
10:00 PM
Your House & Home (TV-G) "Shows and Expos" - parade of homes; "Out in the Open" - hinged trellis; "Closer to Home" - TV install; "Definitely Design" - stone & water feature.
10:30 PM
Your House & Home (TV-G) "Shows and Expos" - parade of homes outdoors; "Out in the Open" - table top water feature; "Closer to Home" - dinner switch.
11:00 PM
Style by Jury Mohawk EEK! to Model Chic (TV-14) A jewelry designer desperately wants to change her radical punk style, so host Bruce Turner steps in to help and gives her a seven-day makeover.
11:30 PM
Style by Jury Plain Jane to Rockin' Robyn (TV-14) A shy 22-year-old student who hates the way she looks desperately wants a makeover, so host Bruce Turner steps in and gives her a seven-day transformation.
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