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Programs for WJFW-DT2 on Friday, October 20, 2017
12:00 AM
Three's Company Cupid Works Overtime (TV-PG) Jack meets a stewardess on a plane, and convinces her to meet him at his restaurant, but things get complicated when her dad shows up.
12:30 AM
Welcome Back Kotter A Love Story Juan's sister joins Kotter's class and it makes Juan uncomfortable, even crazy, when Arnold, Freddie, and Vinnie are instantly attracted to her.
1:00 AM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) The host welcomes actor Robert Blake, comedian Rich Hall and cartoonist Richard Guindon to the show.
2:00 AM
Sanford and Son Coffins for Sale (TV-PG) Lamont acquires two coffins from an auction, but superstitious Fred becomes scared and refuses to sleep when they are stored inside the house.
2:30 AM
Good Times Thelma's Brief Encounter (TV-PG) J.J., Willona and Michael have suspicions that Thelma's boyfriend is married, prompting J.J. to perform some detective work to confirm their beliefs.
3:00 AM
The Jeffersons The Arrival Part 2 (TV-G) George is able to rush Jenny to the hospital before she gives birth, but then worries what color the baby will be; Lionel is offered the job in Boston.
3:30 AM
All in the Family Mike and Gloria Meet (TV-PG) When the Bunkers and Stivics reminisce about how Mike and Gloria first met, they recall how the couple was set up on a blind date that resulted in an argument.
4:00 AM
Newhart The Girl from Manhattan (TV-PG) Joanna convinces Dick to replace the town's endless non-musical productions of "My Fair Lady" with a staging of his own play, "The Girl from Manhattan."
4:30 AM
Family Ties Art Lover (TV-PG) An older, wealthy woman is awed by Nick's art, but Mallory believes the woman is acting a little too interested and may actually be interested in Nick as well.
5:00 AM
Wings The Big Sleep (TV-PG) Brian feels that the odd events in Joe's most recent dream are a warning, but Joe dismisses the idea until the same events occur in real life.
5:30 AM
Dear John Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (TV-PG) John is happy with his new girlfriend except for the fact that he does not get along well with her daughter, who sees all her dates as losers.
6:00 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Joey Insults Jack E. Leonard (TV-G) A popular comedian, known for his insult comedy, and Joey, known as a deadpan comedy, have a disagreement over a stuffed teddy bear.
6:30 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Joey the Comic vs. Larry the Writer (TV-G) Larrys award for TV Critic's Best Comedy Writer goes to his head and gives his a sense of ego; Joey gets teased by Larry over his less-stellar accolades.
7:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Softening the Professor (TV-G) Gracie Allen goes out on various escapes with her neighbor Blanche Morton that usually send them to go through the routines of their daily lives.
7:30 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Publicity Marriage (TV-G) A thirteen-year-old girl becomes very fond of Ronnie, which Gracie notices; she plants a fake story in the newspaper announcing his marriage to Bonnie Sue.
8:00 AM
The Patty Duke Show Patty, the Psychic (TV-G) Cathy encourages the rest of the household to get back at Patty by tricking her into believing that she has psychic abilities, which makes Patty exploits.
8:30 AM
The Patty Duke Show Don't Bank On It (TV-G) Martin thinks that Patty doesn't do her chores as much as she should, especially when she failed to make a bank deposit for him, so he teaches her a lesson.
9:00 AM
Father Knows Best The Mink Coat (TV-G) Jim buys a mink coat for Margaret because it was on sale, even though money is tight and he lectured the whole family on tightening their belts.
9:30 AM
Father Knows Best The Matchmaker (TV-G) Margaret becomes so happy with her life that she wants everyone around her to seem as happy, so she tries to convince her cousin to marry her boyfriend.
10:00 AM
Dennis the Menace The Fortune Cookie (TV-G) Mr. Wilson does everything he can think of to stop an ominous future from occurring after reading a fortune cookie that warns him about tomorrow.
10:30 AM
Dennis the Menace The Pioneers (TV-G) Henry, Dennis and Mr. Wilson set out to prove themselves capable of roughing it to a journalist when they go camping over a weekend together.
11:00 AM
Hazel Hazel Sounds Her A's (TV-G) Georges law firm gets a new client in a temperamental music conductor who refuses to allow a woman to play in his orchestra solely because of her gender.
11:30 AM
Hazel Hazel's Luck (TV-G) When the family gets a chain letter in the mail, George convinces Hazel to destroy it; shortly after doing so, the family is met with bad luck.
12:00 PM
The Partridge Family Waiting for Belero (TV-G) Keith wants to move out on his own and get his own apartment so that he may have the peace and quiet he craves to write music, and Shirley lets him move.
12:30 PM
The Partridge Family I Am Curious, Partridge (TV-G) Danny gets a job writing articles for the local newspaper documenting the exciting lives of the Partridge Family but he makes up facts about them.
1:00 PM
Green Acres The Confrontation (TV-G) The kids at the school start a protest when their mascot, Arnold, is expelled for popping his teacher with a pea shooter; Fred acts Oliver to represent Arnold.
1:30 PM
Green Acres The Case of the Hooterville Refund Fraud (TV-G) The farmers of Hooterville decide to ask for their refund checks when they find out that Oliver has gotten one himself; IRS computer has a mix-up.
2:00 PM
I Dream of Jeannie Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut (TV-G) Jeannie's wicked sister convinces her that Tony won't return from his next mission and Jeannie allows her to make sure Tony is overweight and unfit for duty.
2:30 PM
I Dream of Jeannie Around the World in 80 Blinks (TV-G) Jeannie blinks Tony back from space when she learns that he has a cold and needs care, but another astronaut from the capsule returns as well.
3:00 PM
Bewitched The Horse's Mouth (TV-G) A thoroughbred race horse escapes from its cruel owner, and Samantha transforms the horse into a woman so that she can communicate with it.
3:30 PM
Bewitched Baby's First Paragraph (TV-G) Endora promises to refrain from using witchcraft while babysitting baby Tabitha, but she breaks her promise to make Tabitha able to talk.
4:00 PM
Barney Miller Eviction, Part 1 (TV-PG) Barney risks his entire career by refusing to evict impoverished tenants at a condemned hotel, and Luger tries to stay busy during his vacation time.
4:30 PM
Newhart The Nice Man Cometh (TV-PG) Dick finds himself filling the position of the unwilling sidekick as well as the target of mockery of a popular insult comic who WPIV hired to host a talk show.
5:00 PM
Three's Company Cupid Works Overtime (TV-PG) Jack meets a stewardess on a plane, and convinces her to meet him at his restaurant, but things get complicated when her dad shows up.
5:30 PM
Welcome Back Kotter A Love Story Juan's sister joins Kotter's class and it makes Juan uncomfortable, even crazy, when Arnold, Freddie, and Vinnie are instantly attracted to her.
6:00 PM
What's Happening!! The Eviction Raj and Rerun have a new landlord who has been ignoring the repairs needed in the apartments, but their plan to fix things backfires when they are evicted.
6:30 PM
227 Pity the Poor Working Girl (TV-PG) When Sandra tells Mary that she cannot keep a job because of jealous wives, Mary asks Lester to get her a job working in an office at his construction site.
7:00 PM
Sanford and Son Steinberg and Son (TV-PG) Fred and Lamont see a sitcom on television that mirrors their lives, so they file a lawsuit against the studio producing the show.
7:30 PM
Good Times The Politicians (TV-PG) Conflict arises when the men side with a shifty alderman who is running for re-election, while the women support his younger opponent.
8:00 PM
The Jeffersons Florence's Problem (TV-G) Louise is convinced that Florence is considering committing suicide after Florence begins acting in a bizarre manner, and Tom, Helen and Lionel meet with her.
8:30 PM
All in the Family Gloria Sings the Blues (TV-PG) Gloria confesses to her mother that the reason she's been depressed is because she thinks that she no longer loves Mike the way she used to.
9:00 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Environmental advocate Joan Embery; psychotherapist Barbara Howard; comedian Kelly Monteith; actress Susan Clark.
10:30 PM
One Day at a Time Ann's Competitor (TV-PG) Ann's new co-worker makes it her sole to mission to outdo her in the office, going so far as to lie, steal and cheat her way to the top.
11:00 PM
The Jeffersons Trading Places (TV-G) Louise thinks George doesn't care about other people's feelings after he breaks promises to go on a golf date with Tom and Mr. Bentley again.
11:30 PM
All in the Family Christmas Day at the Bunkers' (TV-PG) Archie is in a foul mood on Christmas Day but won't tell anyone the reason why, and he becomes even more irritated when Henry Jefferson and family pay a visit.
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