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Programs for WJFW-DT2 on Thursday, July 19, 2018
12:00 AM
Wings ... Like a Neighbor Scorned (TV-PG) Joe and Helen suddenly find themselves asked to loan their new neighbors money for gambling debts; Antonio uncovers his uncle's love letters to a movie star.
12:30 AM
Growing Pains Back to School (TV-G) Mike has a difficult first day teaching his students; Carol loses excitement over living in a college dorm; Ben & Chrissy have tough first days back in school.
1:00 AM
Family Ties My Mother, My Friend (TV-PG) Mallory's new friend finds a common bond with Elyse over their mutual interest in architecture, leading to conflict between mother and daughter.
1:30 AM
The Hogan Family Babes in the Woods (TV-G) Valerie and the boys borrow Mrs. Poole's camper for a getaway then get stranded in the woods when thieves make a getaway with the vehicle.
2:00 AM
Head of the Class Trouble in Perfectville (TV-G)
2:30 AM
Silver Spoons Driver Ed (TV-PG) When Edward leaves town with Kate, Ricky takes the opportunity to ask Grandpa Stratton to teach him to drive Edward's luxury vehicle.
3:00 AM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Interviews with Muppet character Miss Piggy, Howie Mandel, and John McCosker.
4:00 AM
The Jack Benny Program Variety Show (TV-G) Jacks show is crashed by George Burns while he introduces singer Ann-Margret as well as juggler Francis Brunn.
4:30 AM
The Jack Benny Program Main Street Shelter (TV-G) Jack refuses to leave a homeless shelter unless they return to him an old jacket of his that Rochester had donating, which had cash sewed into the lining.
5:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Von Zell's Girlfriend Between Trains (TV-G) Von Zell learns that he will be getting an unexpected visit from his old college sweetheart; Gracie is under the impression that she is married.
5:30 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show George Lectures at UCLA (TV-G) George receives an invitation to speak at a UCLA forum on television, but he starts to lose his enthusiasm when he finds out his friends have been mocking him.
6:00 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Jury Duty (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
6:30 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Income Tax Caper (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
7:00 AM
McHale's Navy Orange Blossom for McHale (TV-PG) When a beautiful-but-conniving woman arrives on the island, Binghamton tries to rid himself of McHale by setting the two of them up.
7:30 AM
McHale's Navy Creature from McHale's Lagoon (TV-PG) Captain Binghamton falls for Gruber's scheme to plant fake pearls into oysters, and he immediately signs an order to evict McHale and his crew from the island.
8:00 AM
Father Knows Best The Way of a Dictator (TV-G) When Bud takes issue with the way his parents are raising Kitten, they decide to place him in charge of bringing her up, to teach him a lesson.
8:30 AM
Father Knows Best Mr. Beal Meets His Match (TV-G) Jim decides to make a deal with the devil so that every member of the Anderson family will get something that they want, but the plan falls apart.
9:00 AM
Dennis the Menace Dennis' Obligation (TV-G) Dennis is tasked with taking home chicken eggs in order to care for them, but Mr. Wilson finds himself an unwilling helper to the youth in no time.
9:30 AM
Dennis the Menace The Dog Trainer (TV-G) Dennis volunteers to help Mr. Wilson in training his dog, but the neighbor soon regrets this as he loses all control over the disloyal creature.
10:00 AM
Hazel License to Wed (TV-G) Dierdres daughter starts to date Hazels nephew and it looks like the couple could be getting married; Dierdre objects to the union.
10:30 AM
Hazel Genie With the Light Brown Lamp (TV-G) Hazel reads a bedtime story to Harold about Aladdin and the magic lamp; the boy spots a gravy boat at a store window and thinks it a lamp like in the story.
11:00 AM
The Partridge Family I Can Get It for You Retail (TV-G) Danny tries to sell Keith's belongings to help pay for a mink coat for Shirley's birthday; Keith thinks he's going crazy when his stuff keeps disappearing.
11:30 AM
The Partridge Family Guess Who's Coming to Drive? (TV-G) As the family prepares for the intense summer tour that Ruben had scheduled for the band, Shirley wishes not to spend so much time driving; new driver.
12:00 PM
I Dream of Jeannie Blackmail Order Bride (TV-G) A reporter disguises himself as a plumber to gain access to Tony's house and even has a woman and her children pose as Tony's abandoned family.
12:30 PM
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie at the Piano (TV-G) Tony begins to play the piano like a virtuoso and goes on a concert tour, but when he gets to Carnegie Hall he has to take drastic steps to avoid a scandal.
1:00 PM
Bewitched Soapbox Derby (TV-G) Samantha helps a young boy practice for an upcoming soapbox derby; Gladys and Darrin watch Samantha to make sure she doesn't use her powers during the race.
1:30 PM
Bewitched Sam in the Moon (TV-G) After Samantha informs Darrin that she has been to the moon several times, he mistakes a bag of warlock tea for moon dust and proceeds to have it tested.
2:00 PM
Welcome Back Kotter Whodunit? (TV-PG) Rosalie pretends to be pregnant and announces that one of the Sweathogs is the father-to-be of her unborn child, in order to change her reputation.
2:30 PM
Soap (TV-PG) Mary is surprised how different the new Burt is from the one she used to know; Mrs. David proposes a new agreement to a stunned Jodie.
3:00 PM
Benson Flight of the Dodo, Part #1 (TV-PG) Discounting warnings from Kraus and Mrs. Cassidy that the trip might be dangerous, Benson, Gatling and Clayton take the chopper on a cross-state golfing trip.
3:30 PM
What's Happening!! Positive Identification (TV-PG) Rerun and Raj must identify a man in a line up after their apartment is robbed by a burglar.
4:00 PM
What's Happening Now!! One Enchanted Evening (TV-PG) Raj and Nadine take her displeasing mother out for a night at a nice restaurant, where she hits it off with a patron, who turns out to be an alcoholic.
4:30 PM
Gimme a Break! Julie's First Love (TV-G) Julie meets a nice boy at the arcade and asks him to be her prom date, but when she breaks her curfew, she end up getting grounded and almost misses the dance.
5:00 PM
227 A Daughter Is a Precious Thing (TV-PG) When Brenda seeks relationship advice from Sandra, Mary is disappointed that she chose to change Brenda's appearance to get attention.
5:30 PM
227 The Big Piano Playoff (TV-PG) When Mary decides to buy a piano against the wishes of both Lester and Brenda, Rose offers her free lessons while Sandra offers her a friendly bet.
6:00 PM
Three's Company Look What I Found (TV-PG) The roommates find a kitten, but pets are not allowed in the building; Mr. Furley takes a liking to it, but they must hide it when the building inspector comes.
6:30 PM
Archie Bunker's Place Archie and the Oldest Profession Archie and Murray are excited to see a new regular attracting customers to the bar, but they quickly realize she may be conducting business of her own.
7:00 PM
Alice The Cuban Connection (TV-PG) When a bickering and recently separated couple visits Mel's Diner, Alice decides to become a mediator for them and attempts to get them back together.
7:30 PM
Alice Mel's Big 5-0 (TV-PG) Mel tells the waitresses he doesn't want anything for his 50th birthday, despite secretly wanting a party, but he is disappointed when he doesn't get one.
8:00 PM
Barney Miller Fish (TV-PG) Fish is forced to go on restricted duty, which he carries out from his house while his family decides to get involved in his police work.
8:30 PM
Barney Miller Hot Dogs (TV-PG) A man comes to the police claiming that his wife is missing, but all he shows them is a photograph of Jean Harlow, causing some confusion with the police.
9:00 PM
Coach Baby Coaches (TV-PG) An obnoxious mother brags about her baby's walking and talking, and an insecure Hayden tries to bring Tim up to speed with some programs.
9:30 PM
Coach Upsized (TV-PG) While Doris promotes Luther, Hayden taps Dick Butkus as a new defensive coordinator, but the former linebacker soon tries to dominate the decision making.
10:00 PM
Murphy Brown Crime Story (TV-PG) Murphy participates in a neighborhood crime watch after her car gets stolen.
10:30 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Actor Chevy Chase; comedian David Sayh; actress Karen Salkin.
11:30 PM
Becker Take These Pills and Shove 'Em (TV-PG) Becker makes a house call to convince his patient that his diabetes has triggered a mild heart attack; Jake takes up sculpture to meet women.
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