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Programs for WJFW-DT2 on Monday, October 15, 2018
12:00 AM
Bewitched Samantha Fights City Hall (TV-G) Samantha becomes aggressively involved in a fight against tearing down a local park for a business, but the land is owned by Darrin's new client.
12:30 AM
I Dream of Jeannie One of Our Hotels Is Growing (TV-G) Tony and Jeannie decide to travel to Los Angeles inn order to attend a weekend vacation getaway at a fancy hotel with Dr. and Mrs. Bellows.
1:00 AM
McHale's Navy Orange Blossom for McHale (TV-PG) When a beautiful-but-conniving woman arrives on the island, Binghamton tries to rid himself of McHale by setting the two of them up.
1:30 AM
The Jack Benny Program Frankie Avalon Show (TV-G) Jack is invited to Frankie Avalons recording session, but causes trouble in the studio when he frequently interrupts the takes; he is eventually offered a role.
2:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie Helps Morton Get CPA Account (TV-G) Gracie tells a potential client about Harry Mortons work as a carouser, thinking it will help with Harrys career; the man pulls the account he had given.
2:30 AM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Host Johnny Carson performs a variety of comedy routines, monologues, and interviews an array of celebrities.
4:00 AM
The Jack Benny Program The Burglars Show (TV-G) A pair of burglars sneak into Jacks bedroom to steal valuables from his bedroom but they find that the job is much harder than they had anticipated.
4:30 AM
The Jack Benny Program The Carnival Story (TV-G) A comedy series based on a radio show, involving popular stars of the era as special guests.
5:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The 24 Dresses (TV-G) Gracie is in need of financing for her new business, a dress shop she plans to open; George wants Gracie to send the dresses back to Paris.
5:30 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Ronnie is Lovesick (TV-G) Ronnie prepares for his role in another play, and does so by locking himself in his room to rehearse in peace; Gracie thinks he's upset Yvette left.
6:00 AM
The Joey Bishop Show The Taming of the Brat (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
6:30 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Home Sweet Home (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
7:00 AM
McHale's Navy McHale's Millions (TV-PG) The crew investigates the crash site of a Japanese transport aircraft, where they discover a stash of over 4 millions American dollars.
7:30 AM
McHale's Navy The Hillbillies of PT 73 (TV-PG) Willy is devastated after discovering that his girlfriend is planning to marry another man, and the crew pulls out all stops to make him feel better.
8:00 AM
Father Knows Best Bud, the Ladykiller (TV-G) Bud rudely turns down an unappealing classmate who likes him and hurts her feelings, but his parents find out and demand that he apologize immediately.
8:30 AM
Father Knows Best Margaret's Premonition (TV-G) When Margaret makes a series of eerily correct predictions about life circumstances, Jim and the family become convinced that she has psychic powers.
9:00 AM
Dennis the Menace Out of Retirement (TV-G) Dennis runs away from home in protest after discovering that Mr. Wilson is considering returning to his former employer in Pittsburgh.
9:30 AM
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Wedding (TV-G) Mr. Wilson busily makes preparations for his niece's upcoming wedding ceremony, and Dennis is given the crucial assignment of ring bearer.
10:00 AM
Hazel Winter Wonderland (TV-G) Hazel finds herself in a dilemma when her plan to enter a dog-sled race with her crush is threatened after the Baxters' ski trip is altered dramatically.
10:30 AM
Hazel Hazel's Winning Personality (TV-G) Hazel decides to take a course to improve her personality, but the teacher's instructions to give constant compliments get her into trouble with the Baxters.
11:00 AM
The Partridge Family Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge? (TV-G) Keith learns his line for his movie part as a baby-faced gangster; a week later the whole family takes a very edgy Keith to Hollywood for the test.
11:30 AM
The Partridge Family Nag, Nag, Nag (TV-G) Shirley is finally convinced to give racing a try; Danny's prize horse is entered in a race at the county fair where the Partridge Family will be performing.
12:00 PM
I Dream of Jeannie Indispensable Jeannie (TV-G) Jeannie tries to help when Tony and Roger become housemates to test their ability to get along with each other, but her interference makes bad matters worse.
12:30 PM
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie and the Top Secret Secret (TV-G) A top secret assignment leads to trouble when it becomes necessary for Tony to cancel a special anniversary celebration with Jeannie and he can't tell her why.
1:00 PM
Bewitched Mary, the Good Fairy (TV-G) The tooth fairy arrives at the Stephens' house to collect Tabitha's first tooth, and Samantha is forced to do her job after she accidentally gets drunk.
1:30 PM
Bewitched The Good Fairy Strikes Again (TV-G) Samantha begins to worry that her one-time gig as a tooth fairy might continue indefinitely when Mary refuses to take her wings back.
2:00 PM
Welcome Back Kotter Epstein's Term Paper (TV-PG) Unable to write their own term papers, the Sweathogs go to local hoods to buy papers that have been already written; Kotter recognizes Epstein's paper.
2:30 PM
Soap (TV-PG) Jessica plans to skip out on bail and flee the country after being charged with Peter's murder, meanwhile Burt begins to worry Mary.
3:00 PM
Benson All Shook Up (TV-PG) When an earthquake hits, Benson and Clayton are arguing in the mansion's basement storeroom and are trapped, but learn a lot about each other while waiting.
3:30 PM
What's Happening!! The Landlady (TV-PG) Raj falls behind on rent payments since he's had trouble finding a job but gets assurances from the landlady that he shouldn't worry and makes passes at him.
4:00 PM
What's Happening Now!! Dueling Menus (TV-PG) Raj and Shirley get into an argument after she insults one of the customers who she didn't know was a restaurant critic, and she quickly quits her job.
4:30 PM
Gimme a Break! Breakdance (TV-PG) The gang tries to get extra money to help sustain Katie's failing business, but when their personal lives are negatively affected, Carl has to say something.
5:00 PM
227 We the People (TV-PG) When Lester's old boss comes to visit from Hawaii, the Jenkins are saddened to discover that he has been homeless since his business went bankrupt.
5:30 PM
227 The Redecorating Blues (TV-PG) After the Jenkins apartment gets robbed, Mary has dreams of remodeling the living room while Lester has dreams of buying a new sports car.
6:00 PM
Three's Company Moving On (TV-PG) Helen tries to convince Stanley that they need to finally begin looking for a new home, but he wants to rent a mobile home instead.
6:30 PM
Archie Bunker's Place Love Is Hell A boy that Stephanie has grown fond over lately seems to have eyes for her older cousin Billie; Stephanie begins to resent Billie because of the incident.
7:00 PM
Alice Tommy Hyatt, Business Consultant (TV-PG) When Tommy comes home from college, he gives Mel financial advice, which increases business, but the chef also learns how close he is to bankruptcy.
7:30 PM
Alice Jolene Lets the Cat Out of the Bag (TV-PG) Jolene is terrified after a burglar stalks her area and befriends a man to keep her company, but when he leaves on a trip, Vera and Mel look after her.
8:00 PM
Barney Miller The Vests (TV-PG) When the police detectives refuse to wear their brand new bulletproof vests, Luger interviews the officers just in case he needs information for an obituary.
8:30 PM
Barney Miller The Rainmaker (TV-PG) The police officers stay busy at work when they are forced to deal with a strange rainmaker who discovers he was hired by a drought-ridden city.
9:00 PM
Coach Coach for a Day, Part 2 (TV-PG) Luther is too proud and embarrassed to admit that he had to take a job at a miniature golf course after losing his position as a head coach.
9:30 PM
Coach My Cup Runneth Over (TV-PG) Hayden begins wearing a special device in an effort to increase his sperm count, but it causes problems when he goes on Christine's TV show.
10:00 PM
Murphy Brown Son of Dottie (HD, TV-PG) After Corky finds some interesting stories about Dottie's clothing line Murphy trades information and then dishes out the dirt.
10:30 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Host Johnny Carson performs a variety of comedy routines, monologues, and interviews an array of celebrities.
11:30 PM
Becker The More You Know (TV-PG) Becker inadvertently finds out that Linda and Reggie are dating the same man, while Bob works tirelessly to figure out who in the building is the hooker.
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