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Programs for WJFW-DT2 on Friday, March 23, 2018
12:00 AM
Alice A Slight Case of E.S.P. (TV-G) When Vera makes accurate predictions before a string of bad luck occurs, Mel decides to cash in on her ability to see the future to make bets on horse races.
12:30 AM
Benson Wild Irish Rose (TV-PG) When former governor, Mulligan, drops by to visit his successor, he brings his niece, Rose, an astonishing beauty, who immediately enchants Governor Gatling.
1:00 AM
Soap (TV-PG) A furious Jessica tells Chester not to return home after catching him with another woman, meanwhile Danny's new friendship with Polly begins to grow.
1:30 AM
Three's Company ... And Justice for Jack (TV-PG) Jack lands a job as a short-order cook in a busy diner, but he is fired soon after he complains about his boss' inappropriate sexual advances.
2:00 AM
Coach A Real Guy's Guy (TV-PG) Hayden places pressure on Kelly to date the star athlete of the football team, but the player winds up making an unexpected announcement.
2:30 AM
Evening Shade Far from the Madden Crowd (TV-PG) Ava is going into labor on the night of the Booster Club Sports banquet, to which Wood has invited an old archrival of his, Terry Bradshaw.
3:00 AM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Guests include comedian Jonathan Winters and actor Peter Strauss.
4:00 AM
Doogie Howser, M.D. Attack of the Green-Eyed Monster (TV-PG) Wanda is furious with Doogie after they run into on of his former patients, who doesn't even try to hide the fact that she's flirting with Doogie.
4:30 AM
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch The Arrangement (TV-G) Aunt Irma visits and reveals her plans to arrange a marriage between Sabrina and another witch, but Sabrina's future fiancé ends up falling in love with Roxie.
5:00 AM
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie's Beauty Cream (TV-G) Jeannie gives Mrs. Bellows a magical beauty treatment that transforms her into a young and beautiful woman and the transformation even surprises her husband.
5:30 AM
Bewitched Samantha's Old Man (TV-G) Endora transforms Darrin into an old man, and Larry sets him up on a date with his widowed Aunt Millicent until Samantha turns herself into his old wife.
6:00 AM
The Jack Benny Program The Bobby Darin Show (TV-G) With the movie studio still working on the Jack Benny biography movie, Jack insists on playing himself while the studio insists on casting Bobby Darin.
6:30 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show George Goes Skiing (TV-G) Mr. Boardman takes Jim and Ronnie on a skiing trip, and Gracie tells George that he needs to be a father by taking more interest in Ronnies life.
7:00 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Back in Your Own Backyard (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
7:30 AM
McHale's Navy The Great Impersonation (TV-PG) After it is learned that he looks remarkably similar to a high-ranking British General, Parker is asked to act as a diversion in New Caledonia.
8:00 AM
Father Knows Best The Imposter (TV-G) Betty meets a handsome young lawyer, who takes a romantic interest in her, so she lies about her identity and claims to be the owner of a radio store.
8:30 AM
Dennis the Menace Best Neighbor (TV-G) Dennis is in need of some outdoor experience to secure himself a spot in the Junior Pathfinders Club, and Mr. Wilson plays the part of chaperone for him.
9:00 AM
Hazel Maid of the Month (TV-G) Hazel wins a contest from a magazine for a Maid of the Year award; a reporter is sent to interview her, just to make sure as she sounds too good to be true.
9:30 AM
The Partridge Family Pin It on Danny (TV-G) On Shirley's birthday, the family and Ruben put together a party to celebrate and Danny gives his mother a broach that he he found, which was his teachers.
10:00 AM
I Dream of Jeannie Jeannie's Beauty Cream (TV-G) Jeannie gives Mrs. Bellows a magical beauty treatment that transforms her into a young and beautiful woman and the transformation even surprises her husband.
10:30 AM
Bewitched Samantha's Old Man (TV-G) Endora transforms Darrin into an old man, and Larry sets him up on a date with his widowed Aunt Millicent until Samantha turns herself into his old wife.
11:00 AM
Mork & Mindy Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him Well (TV-G) Mork is unnerved when an insurance salesman uses hard-sell tactics on him and tries to back out of an upcoming vacation to Yellowstone.
11:30 AM
Small Wonder Bye Bye Brindles (TV-G) The Lawsons get tired of their disrespectful neighbors and come up a fake earthquake to scare the couple into moving.
12:00 PM
Alice The Principal of the Thing (TV-G) When Alice and Tommy's principal begin dating, Tommy becomes the target of teasing from classmates, prompting him to try and convince Alice to stop seeing him.
12:30 PM
Maude Maude the Boss (TV-PG) When Maude receives a promotion at the real estate agency, she has cold feet about taking the new position since three men will be working under her.
1:00 PM
Welcome Back Kotter And Baby Makes Four, Part 1 (TV-PG) Kotter and Julie are busy preparing for the birth of their baby; the Sweathogs discover the Vinnie had gotten left back in the tenth grade.
1:30 PM
Head of the Class Little Shop 'Til You Drop: Part 2 (TV-G)
2:00 PM
227 Do Not Pass Go, Part 2 (TV-G) While in Atlantic City for a Luther Vandross concert, Travis gets stage fright at the comedy show and Rose's fiancé finds the person who stole Pearl's broche.
2:30 PM
What's Happening!! Black and White Blues (TV-PG) Rerun has a bright idea to borrow the color TV the church is raffling after their black and white one breaks down in the middle of a football game.
3:00 PM
Gimme a Break! The Big Apple, Part 2 (TV-PG) After finding drugs and a gun in a switched suitcase, Nell and Addy learn the owner of the suitcase is near, and they are forced into a deadly situation.
3:30 PM
Webster Great Expectations: Part 2 (TV-G) In the wake of his girlfriend's act of treachery with his producer, Webster's Uncle Phil is shocked to discover that he has lost his part to her.
4:00 PM
Mr. Belvedere Fall Guy (TV-G) When George, Marsha and Mr. Belvedere all go out to the opera, Wesley is left at home all alone; Kevin ruins Marsha's "Home Sweet Alabama" pillow.
4:30 PM
The Hogan Family Foiled Again David falls for the woman his best friend Burt is attracted to but doesn't know what to do when Burt challenges him for her affection.
5:00 PM
Silver Spoons All the Principal's Men (TV-PG) When Ricky issues a cable news report that claims the cafeteria serves horse meat, the principal calls for him to identify his source.
5:30 PM
My Two Dads When You Wish ... (TV-G) When Nicole enters a rock TV music channel contest and wins, she gets to go on a musical dream date with whom ever she wants; Michael plays the piano.
6:00 PM
Growing Pains The Marrying Kind (TV-G) Bobby and his parents attend dinner at the Seavers' to make the announcement that Bobby and Carol have gotten engaged, causing chaos and tension at the table.
6:30 PM
Family Ties The Homecoming (TV-PG) Mallory must decide whether to let her boyfriend go or hang on to him after he announces he that quit school and wants to go steady with her.
7:00 PM
Three's Company A Hundred Dollars a What? (TV-PG) Chrissy receives an invitation to work with an old high-school friend, but problems arise when Jack discovers that the woman works as a high-priced call girl.
7:30 PM
Soap (TV-PG) Jodie struggles to find a suitable nanny for Wendy, leading Mary hoping he will ask to move back in with them; Leslie helps Billy celebrate his 18th birthday.
8:00 PM
Benson Street Gangs (TV-PG) A street gang invites the Gatling, Benson and Clayton to a wild dinner party where they lobby for a contract for their new maintenance company Benson suggested.
8:30 PM
Wings I Love Brian (TV-PG) Claiming to be friends with him, Brian tells Alex that he can get tickets to Clint Black's show in Boston, but Helen complicates things.
9:00 PM
Murphy Brown Retreat (TV-PG) Miles spurs the team into going on a retreat that ends up having the opposite results intended and pushes the group apart.
9:30 PM
Becker Panic on the 86th (TV-PG) Reggie panics over her unclear future after receiving an A in psychology, while Becker gets closer to one of his neighbors who turns out to be a prostitute.
10:00 PM
Coach Any Place I Hang Myself Is Home (TV-PG) Hayden agrees to go house hunting with Christine, but then suddenly buys a house without consulting her, leading to a serious conflict.
10:30 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) The host sits down with actress Amy Irving and Fran Tate.
11:30 PM
Barney Miller Corporation (TV-PG) A radical environmentalist takes on the lawyer of a chemical plant he's been attacking, and Wojo tries to help a homeless woman who has been assaulted.
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