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Programs for WAOW-DT3 on Sunday, August 20, 2017
12:00 AM
Ironside Ring of Prayer (TV-PG) An encounter with a woman who claims to have supernatural abilities leaves Ironside's team mystified, so he sets out to find a rational explanation.
1:00 AM
Ironside Dear Fran (TV-PG) When a woman's cousin commits suicide, she begins to receive letters suggesting that he died due to her lack of love, so Ironside tries to find answers.
2:00 AM
Ironside If a Body Sees a Body (TV-PG) Mark and Ed are shocked when homicide detectives can't find a body in the park that they reported themselves, so Ed wants to solve the mysterious case.
3:00 AM
Ironside Gentle Oaks (TV-PG) Ironside investigates a suspicious number of deaths at an elderly home by going undercover as a patient who has become a burden to his family.
4:00 AM
Ironside License to Kill (TV-PG) The man who killed a police officer is subsequently killed by the officer's partner, but when Ironside investigates he finds the second death may be a set-up.
5:00 AM
Ironside But When She Was Bad (TV-PG) Ironside tries to prove that a recently released convict is guilty of murdering a police officer, so the man tries to escape by having Ironside killed.
6:00 AM
Ironside Unreasonable Facsimile (TV-PG) A series of bank robberies appear to be the work of a recently released ex-convict, but Ironside believes that the crimes may simply be copycats.
7:00 AM
Ironside And Then There Was One (TV-PG) One of Mark's old friends is targeted in a grenade attack which is aimed a certain unit of Vietnam veterans, so Ironside sets up an trap to catch the killer.
8:00 AM
Ironside Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder (TV-PG) When a girl begins to dabble in witchcraft and becomes convinced that she's responsible for a man's death, Ironside investigates to prove she wasn't involved.
9:00 AM
Ironside Achilles' Heel (TV-PG) A judge's son is framed for the murder of a young actress in an attempt to get the judge to grant a lighter sentence, so Ironside tries to clear the man's name.
10:00 AM
Ironside Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown, Part 1 (TV-PG) After the sniper attack, Ed is left in a hospital bed with possible paralysis for life, unless he can undergo an experimental procedure.
11:00 AM
Ironside Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown, Part 2 (TV-PG) After the sniper attack, Ed is left in a hospital bed with possible paralysis for life, unless he can undergo an experimental procedure.
12:00 PM
Ironside Down Two Roads (TV-PG) Soon after Mark graduates from law school one of his friends is charged with a crime, but his attempts to help leave him disillusioned with his new job.
1:00 PM
Ironside Buddy, Can You Spare a Life?, Part 1 (TV-PG) After meeting with a convict he arrested seven years prior for manslaughter, Ironside believes that he arrested the wrong man and reviews the case.
2:00 PM
Ironside Buddy, Can You Spare a Life?, Part 2 (TV-PG) Chief Ironside presses on with his case examination and attempts to get an unwilling mother to admit to her part in the crime for which another was arrested.
3:00 PM
Ironside Once More for Joey (TV-PG) Ed and Fran start investigating a case where music is being stolen from a quartet when they witness the murder of one of the group's members.
4:00 PM
Ironside What's New With Mark? (TV-PG) Mark and his girlfriend defend an alleged murderer, who they believe acted in self defense; Ed decides to move in with the Chief in Mark's place.
5:00 PM
Ironside Trial of Terror (TV-PG) A mobster's accountant is implicated in a racketeering charge and decides to testify against his employer.
6:00 PM
Ironside Set-Up: Danger! (TV-PG) Ed returns to find the Chief missing and believes he was kidnapped; Ironside is recruited by a mobster to help solve a murder and stop a gang war.
7:00 PM
Ironside Run Scared (TV-PG) Ironside's god-daughter is performing in a street-side show when she witnesses a murder, so she and her boyfriend run away to avoid the killers.
8:00 PM
Ironside Far Side of the Fence (TV-PG) A gangland boss puts a contract out on Ironside, but when a heist goes wrong, the undercover cop who took the contract is taken hostage.
9:00 PM
Ironside The Over-the-Hill Blues (TV-PG) A jewel thief and old adversary of the Chief's is framed for a robbery and murder, and the Chief must prove him innocent.
10:00 PM
Ironside Speak No Evil (TV-PG) A friend of Ed's is the target of the assassin, but he cannot say why because he is a priest and abides by the bounds of confession.
11:00 PM
Ironside Fall of an Angel (TV-PG) A retired assassin kills the son of a mob chief, then leaves town with his son at Ironside's, who begins to figure out what happened.
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