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The Rockford Files Only Rock and Roll Will Never Die, Part 1 (TV-PG) A musician's latest album is being pirated by a crime boss, and Rockford is hired to find the rock star's missing record producer.
The Rockford Files Only Rock and Roll Will Never Die, Part 2 (TV-PG) After returning from the hospital, Rockford is determined to get to the bottom of a record piracy scheme and has a long talk with Ritchie.
The A-Team The Grey Team (TV-PG) A girl runs away from home with her father's briefcase containing top secret government documents which she believes he intends to sell to the Russians.
Frasier The Proposal (TV-PG) Niles plans an elaborate setting for him to finally propose to Daphne, but on the night he plans the event, she is too sick to go out with him.
Frasier Wheels of Fortune (TV-PG) Lilith's former con-artist brother visits Frasier in a wheelchair and is adamant that he has reformed his life, but Frasier has difficulty believing him.
The A-Team Mexican Slayride, Part 1 (TV-PG) A reporter is worried when her friend, a fellow reporter, goes to Mexico but is not heard from since, and tries everything she can to find her friend.
Miami Vice Duty and Honor (TV-PG) Lt. Castillo recognizes the work of a serial killer he hunted in Vietnam when he visits the site of a prostitute's murder, and he calls in a Vietnamese friend.
Frasier Deathtrap (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles mistakenly determine a skull found under the floor of their childhood home to be evidence in a fantastical unsolved murder case.
Frasier The Love You Fake (TV-PG) Frasier and Cam won't stop fighting, so Martin and Cam's mother hatch a plan to pretend that they are madly in love to make them get along.
The A-Team Mexican Slayride, Part 2 (TV-PG) In an attempt to rescue a reporter from a ruthless drug distributor, Hannibal angers the drug lord, prompting him to show up with a band of guerilla insurgents.
Miami Vice Theresa (TV-PG) A doctor whom Crockett wants to marry hides her heroin addiction from him and then gets him in trouble when she reads his case files and tips off her dealer.
Frasier The Guilt Trippers (TV-PG) Frasier and Roz end up sleeping together, and Frasier feels an immense amount of guilt; Frasier ends up impersonating Roger to impress Roz's family.
Frasier Moons Over Seattle (TV-PG) Daphne starts to doubt that marriage is the best thing when her parents cannot seem to reunite, but her father convinces her that Niles is the right one.
The A-Team Children of Jamestown (TV-PG) The daughter of a wealthy businessman is caught up in a religious cult, and the A-Team is hired to rescue her from it, but they soon find themselves in a bind.
Miami Vice The Afternoon Plane (TV-PG) Tubbs wins a Caribbean vacation and takes his girlfriend, but when he gets to the island he finds that nemesis Orlando Calderone's hit squad is looking for him.
Frasier Proxy Prexy (TV-PG) Frasier uses his father to win the presidency of the condo board, but his plan backfires as Martin causes problems with new parking spaces.
Frasier Kissing Cousin (TV-PG) A visiting cousin wears Roz out with her constant partying; Martin and Frasier devise a way to take advantage of Niles and Daphne's hospitality.
The A-Team Pros and Cons (TV-PG) When a friend of B.A.'s ends up in a prison where the warden runs a deadly underground fight club, B.A., Murdock and Face go undercover to infiltrate the place.
Miami Vice Lend Me an Ear (TV-PG) A security consultant sells Crockett and Tubbs the surveillance gear they need to catch a violent drug dealer without mentioning that he supplies the dealer.
Frasier Bristle While You Work (TV-PG) A series of rare and inexplicable events convince Niles that his toothache is a symptom of something worse; Frasier seeks a housekeeper.
Frasier Rooms with a View (TV-PG) The Crane family reminisce about the past in order to quell their fears as Niles prepares to undergo a risky heart bypass surgery.
The A-Team A Small and Deadly War (TV-PG) The A-Team is hired to take down a group of crooked SWAT officers who are moonlighting as assassins-for-hire and find themselves in a dangerous confrontation.
Miami Vice Red Tape (TV-PG) Tubbs is accused of tipping off arrest targets for pay, and he decides to pretend he really is corrupt to catch the one who is actually leaking the information.
« Columbo A Matter of Honor (TV-PG) Detective Columbo investigates a case in which a famous but egotistical bullfighters trusted bookkeeper is found dead in the bullring.
The Rockford Files Love Is the Word (TV-PG) Rockford will meet with an old friend who desperately needs his help to find her fiancé, currently wanted for a murder he may not have committed.
The A-Team Black Day at Bad Rock (TV-PG) B.A. is seriously wounded in a firefight, resulting in serious blood loss, and the team decides to hide in a small town while B.A. is treated.
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The Rockford Files Nice Guys Finish Dead (TV-PG) Jim Rockford's rival may be facing some serious charges, when a distinguished Senator is discovered murdered at a prolific banquet.
The Rockford Files The Hawaiian Headache (TV-PG) Jim Rockford takes a Hawaiian vacation and is conned into assisting his former Army commander with a top-secret investigation for the CIA.
The A-Team The Out-of-Towners (TV-PG) The team travels to New York City to help a group of shopkeepers who are being harassed and extorted by a gang of local thugs; Hannibal opens a shop.
Frasier Door Jam (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles seek admission to increasingly exclusive areas of a new spa but aren't quite prepared for what they find; Daphne ruins Martin's show.
Frasier The Harassed (TV-PG) Frasier's unwanted advice to KACL's new financial analyst, Julia, has the whole station having to attend a sexual harassment seminar.
The A-Team West Coast Turnaround (TV-PG) A watermelon farmer from California hires the A-Team to protect his farm from being bought cheap at bankruptcy by a man whose thugs sabotage his crops.
Miami Vice By Hooker By Crook (TV-PG) Crockett romances a businesswoman and then learns his murder witness works for her as a prostitute; the girlfriend is working with a money launderer.
Frasier Trophy Girlfriend (TV-PG) Frasier's new squash partner, Chelsea, helps him win a tournament, but Frasier finds he cannot date her because she is a P.E. teacher.
Frasier Fraternal Schwinns (TV-PG) Daphne tries to teach Niles and Frasier how to ride a bike after they sign up for a charity bike-a-thon; Mrs. Moon poses as Martin's girlfriend.
The A-Team One More Time (TV-PG) Face and B.A. are arrested by Colonel Lynch who poses for the press after having them locked away at an Army base while Hannibal escapes by motorcycle.
Miami Vice Knock, Knock, Who's There? (TV-PG) As Crockett and Tubbs close a deal a gang of robbers rushes in and takes the drugs and the money; the squad suspects someone in the DEA is leaking their plans.
Frasier Some Assembly Required (TV-PG) Frasier's limited help in building a house for Habitat for Humanity has him visiting the new owners and giving decorating advice.
Frasier Farewell, Nervosa (TV-PG) Café Nervosa has hired a folk singer which leads Frasier in search of a new coffeehouse, but Julia comes to his rescue and gets a job for the singer.
The A-Team Till Death Do Us Part (TV-PG) The team is hired to help an heiress who is being forced to marry her late fathers partner, though the man is very well connected.
Miami Vice Viking Bikers from Hell (TV-PG) When the leader of a group of drug-dealing bikers is released from prison he sets out to kill his late comrade's clients without knowing Crockett shot him.
Frasier Analyzed Kiss (TV-PG) Frasier kisses Julia while helping her get revenge against a former lover and business partner; Niles finds that he enjoys shooting with his new friends.
Frasier A New Position for Roz (TV-PG) Roz decides to stay on at KACL after she sees how close Frasier and Julia have gotten, but she reconsiders when she discovers that she can't split them up.
The A-Team The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing (TV-PG) The A-Team is called in to help an airline when one of their planes gets hijacked by a group of terrorists; Hannibal and Face go undercover.
Miami Vice Everybody's in Show Biz (TV-PG) A small-time stage actor tries to keep his community theater from going bankrupt by stealing a briefcase full of drugs from a major dealer and reselling them.
Frasier The Doctor Is Out (TV-PG) When a misunderstanding at a gay bar leads to Frasier being "outed" on the air, he finds that he has become the object of an opera guild president's affections.
Frasier The Babysitter (TV-PG) While dealing with doubts about his ability to return to private practice, Frasier finds himself competing with Martin for the love of his old babysitter.
The A-Team A Nice Place to Visit (TV-PG) The team learns that an old friend of theirs from Vietnam is dead and they travel to his hometown to attend his funeral and encounter a rival family.
Miami Vice Heroes of the Revolution (TV-PG) An East German spy comes to town to kill the former Cuban officer who murdered Gina's mother just as the squad is trying to arrest the Cuban for running drugs.
« Columbo (TV-PG) A disheveled homicide detective with the LAPD is frequently underestimated by his suspects until he springs his trap and brings criminals to justice.
The Rockford Files The No-Fault Affair (TV-PG) A prostitute hides out at Jim's home, when she is beaten up by a pimp and announces that she wants to turn over a new leaf and find legal employment.
The A-Team Diamonds 'N Dust (TV-PG) Retired Australian soldier devotes his time to setting up a diamond mine in a South African state, but when he is killed his daughter hires the A-Team.
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