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Frasier Flour Child (TV-PG) To prepare himself for his journey into fatherhood, Niles decides to carry a ten-pound sack of flour around Seattle, but his idea goes horribly wrong.
Frasier Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles cannot bring themselves to tell Martin that they are leading the investors who are tearing down his favorite bar.
Frasier The Botched Language of Cranes (TV-PG) Frasier manages to offend all of Seattle and to pay penance, he must emcee a charity event, which inevitably leads to further offense.
Frasier The Candidate (TV-PG) Frasier decides to do an endorsement for a candidate after he was mocked by his opponent, only to find out some weird information about the candidate.
Will & Grace Fagmalion Part Four: The Guy Who Loved Me (HD, TV-PG) Will and Jack force Barry to finally make a decision regarding the two of them; Karen is mistaken for a maid by a handsome maintenance man.
Will & Grace Sex, Losers and Videotape (HD, TV-PG) Will's boss begins a a secret relationship with Karen behind Will's back; Grace wants to send a sexy videotape to Leo to help spice up their relationship.
« Columbo Murder Under Glass (TV-PG) A food critic starts to extort money from restaurants to make sure he writes a positive review about their establishment, but kills one who threatens to tell.
Columbo How to Dial a Murder (TV-PG) A psychologists wife suddenly dies in a horrible accident and his best friend, a doctor, also dies under similar circumstances, involving his two dogs.
The Rockford Files The House on Willis Avenue, Part 2 (TV-PG) Jim and Ritchie continue an investigation of their mentor's death and find a mysterious computer data storage company located in a desert canyon.
The Munsters Zombo (TV-G) Eddie has a new hero in Zombo, the host of a horror show on television, and wins a contest on his show; Herman is jealous of the television personality.
The Munsters Cyrano de Munster (TV-G) Herman starts writing poems as a favor to a colleague so that his friend could impress a girl he met on a bus after Hermans poems get published in a magazine.
The Munsters The Musician (TV-G) Eddie takes up playing the trumpet and Grandpa creates a potion for Eddie so that he would become a talented musician, but it changes his behavior.
The Munsters Prehistoric Munster (TV-G) Herman is summoned by the anthropologists of Marilyns university after they see a photograph of Marilyns clay bust sculpture of Herman.
Magnum, P.I. Memories Are Forever, Part 1 (TV-PG) Magnum is shocked when he believes he sees his wife, whom he believed had been killed in a bomb raid, on a passing boat in Hawaii and begins to search for her.
Frasier Adventures in Paradise, Part 1 (TV-PG) Frasier asks a girl out that he read about in a magazine, and when the date goes better than he expected, they decide to head to Bora Bora for a vacation.
Frasier Adventures in Paradise, Part 2 (TV-PG) Frasier begins getting jealous of seeing his ex-girlfriend Lilith in the bungalow next to his and becomes determined to one-up her with anything that she does
Frasier Burying a Grudge (TV-PG) Frasier bumps into Martin's old partner, Artie, at the hospital while visiting Maris, and he convinces Martin to patch up their differences.
Frasier Seat of Power (TV-PG) Frasier calls a plumber to fix his toilet but problems mount when Niles realizes that the plumber is no other than his high school bully that tormented him.
Will & Grace May Divorce Be with You (HD, TV-14) Karen is shocked to find out that Will is now Stan's lawyer in their divorce, and she feels betrayed; Grace's biggest client has a relationship with Jack.
Will & Grace 23 (HD, TV-PG) In the midst of their heated divorce hearings, Karen finds out her ex-husband has died, and as a result she is entitled to everything.
NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Houston Rockets from Toyota Center Golden State defeated Phoenix, 115-86, on Dec. 27, to pull even in season series after the Suns beat the Warriors, 106-102, earlier in the season on Dec. 15.
Will & Grace Home Court Disadvantage (HD, TV-14) Karen plays rough when she invites Grace and Leo to play tennis at her club; Will and Jack visit Will's depressed mother in Connecticut.
Frasier The Show Where Sam Shows Up (TV-PG) Frasier's old friend from Boston pays him a visit in Seattle, seeking advice on his troubled marriage after he couldn't go through with the wedding.
Frasier Daphne's Room (TV-PG) Frasier looks for a book he loaned to Daphne, but upon entering the room he finds a bottle of pills that he is caught with when she unexpectedly returns.
Frasier The Club (TV-PG) Niles and Frasier are in competition to be accepted into Seattle's premier Empire Club, but they end up sabotaging each other's efforts.
Frasier Someone to Watch Over Me (TV-PG) Frasier hires a female bodyguard to protect him at the annual SeaBea awards after convincing himself that a crazy fan is stalking him.
Will & Grace Heart Like a Wheelchair (HD, TV-14) While with his wheelchair-bound mom in the park, Will meets a handsome man also pushing an invalid; Karen continues looking for the woman who stole her husband.
Will & Grace Nice in White Satin (HD, TV-14) Karen balks at allowing an unconventional doctor to continue with her annual physical; Jack has a moment of clarity after realizing he wants to be a nurse.
« NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat from AmericanAirlines Arena Golden State defeated Phoenix, 115-86, on Dec. 27, to pull even in season series after the Suns beat the Warriors, 106-102, earlier in the season on Dec. 15.
Will & Grace Fanilow (HD, TV-14) Will decides to skip the annual Christmas party in order to be the first in line for tickets to a Barry Manilow concert; Grace spots her mother in town.
Will & Grace The Accidental Tsuris (HD, TV-14) Grace shows some "tough love" when her lazy older sister comes to town with a harebrained scheme; Karen gets a visit from Lyle's daughter.
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Frasier Dark Victory (TV-PG) Frasier does his best to bring everyone together when personal feuds and a power outage threaten to ruin Martin's birthday celebration.
Frasier She's the Boss (TV-PG) Frasier instantly clashes with his new boss' management style, and the relationship isn't helped when she gives him overnight duty to teach him a lesson.
Frasier Shrink Rap (TV-PG) Frasier and Niles decide to enter a psychiatry practice together, but their butting heads prove to be a disaster for their new business venture.
Frasier Martin Does It His Way (TV-PG) Daphne inadvertently finds an unfinished song that Martin was writing specifically for Frank Sinatra; Frasier has to come up with a eulogy for his aunt.
Will & Grace Looking for Mr. Good Enough (HD, TV-14) Will is disheartened to learn that he is the only single in his cooking class; when Karen's mother moves to town, Grace agrees to decorate her apartment.
Will & Grace Flip-Flop, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Will and Grace try to make a tidy profit by selling refurbished apartments; Lorraine interrupts the romantic bliss between her father and Karen.
« Columbo Murder by the Book (TV-PG) A mystery writer schemes against his ex-writing partner with a "perfect" murder plan.
Columbo Death Lends a Hand (TV-PG) A cheating wife is murdered when she refuses to be blackmailed, and Columbo tracks her killer.
The Rockford Files White on White and Nearly Perfect (TV-PG) Jim investigates the kidnapping of a weapons industrialists's daughter and meets a fellow private eye who is disturbingly perfect.
The Munsters A Visit from Johann (TV-G) The Munsters welcome Doctor Victor Frankenstein IV into their home as he visits the United States, and he invites one of his great-grandfathers creations along.
The Munsters Eddie's Brother (TV-G) Eddie asks his mother and father for a baby brother, so in Grandpas basement, he decides to build a robot brother for him instead; Eddie starts to get jealous.
The Munsters Herman the Tire Kicker (TV-G) Herman insists on picking a used car for Marilyn to drive but along the way a smooth-talking used car salesman takes advantage of him.
The Munsters A House Divided (TV-G) Herman and Grandpa attempt to build a birthday present for Eddie but it gets destroyed, which leads to the two getting in a fight with one another.
Magnum, P.I. Tropical Madness (TV-PG) When a beautiful English woman surprises Magnum by rejecting his charms and instead showing interest in Higgins, Magnum believes that she must be using him.
Frasier Leapin' Lizards (TV-PG) Frasier reaches his breaking point with constantly being on the receiving end of Bulldog's practical jokes and intends to retaliate.
Frasier Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (TV-PG) Frasier hires a contractor to buff his floor and it becomes a catastrophe, but Daphne finds the contractor intriguing and can't peel her eyes away from him.
Frasier Sleeping with the Enemy (TV-PG) Kate cancels the annual raise and the station staff revolts with Frasier as their leader, but when he confronts the enemy, they ends up locking lips.
Frasier The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl (TV-PG) Kate and Frasier throw all inhibitions to the side and have a tryst in the radio booth, however, all of Seattle hears this and wonders who "dirty girl" is.
Will & Grace Courting Disaster (HD, TV-14) After Karen is issued a ticket by an officer while learning how to drive, Will decides to fight it in court; Jack sees Stuart at the movies with another man.
Will & Grace No Sex 'N' the City (HD, TV-14) When Grace offers some romantic advice to Will, the results prove to be detrimental; Karen and Jack decide what to watch next when their favorite TV shows end.
Frasier The Last Time I Saw Maris (TV-PG) Niles stands up to Maris but gets thrown out of the house; Martin and Frasier are convinced they have stopped Niles from crawling back to his wife.
Frasier It's Hard To Say Goodbye If You Won't Leave (TV-PG) Frasier embraces his true feelings for Kate only to find out she is moving to Chicago the next day, so they spend the night in the airport lounge.
Frasier The Friend (TV-PG) Instead of getting the friends he asks for, Frasier's on-air plea backfires and he ends up with a caller that is a total bore.
Frasier Come Lie with Me (TV-PG) Frasier lays down the law after he learns that Joe spent the night with Daphne, but his strict new rules may force her to move out altogether.
Will & Grace Speechless (HD, TV-14) Will's faded dream of becoming a playwright sparks to life after he agrees to help Jack write his commencement speech for nursing school.
Will & Grace I Do: Part I (HD, TV-14) Lyle and Karen decide to forego their picturesque fall wedding and elope to Las Vegas accompanied by faithful friends Will and Jack.
Frasier Moon Dance (TV-PG) Niles' date for the Snow Ball falls through, so he takes his dance instructor Daphne in her place, and the pair has a magical night to remember.
Frasier The Show Where Diane Comes Back (TV-PG) Diane Chambers comes to Seattle to open her play and talk Frasier into backing the show, which almost leads to another emotional and financial disaster.
Frasier A Word to the Wiseguy (TV-PG) The Cranes fear retribution from the thug hired to fix Maris' parking ticket after Frasier's advice prompts his girlfriend to leave him.
Frasier Look Before You Leap (TV-PG) After advising his listeners to step out of their comfort zones, Frasier finds himself singing an Italian aria and trying to stop Niles from making a mistake.
Will & Grace Back Up Dancer (HD, TV-14) Jack decides to audition to become one of Janet Jackson's back up dancers; Will hopes a return to work will heal Grace's broken heart.
Will & Grace One Gay at a Time (HD, TV-14) Grace sees an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as a cheap method to get free therapy; Will and Jack become members of a focus group evaluating gay-themed TV shows.
Frasier High Crane Drifter (TV-PG) Frasier tries to apologize after his stress-fueled assault on a Café Nervosa patron hits the papers, but he finds that the man is only interested in suing.
Frasier Chess Pains (TV-PG) Martin inexplicably exhibits a mastery over Frasier at chess, and Frasier cannot stand it; Niles buys a dog that bears a remarkable likeness to Maris.
Frasier Crane vs. Crane (TV-PG) In a hearing over an old man's sanity, Niles and Frasier take opposite sides to prove whether he is mentally capable of making competent decisions.
Frasier Police Story (TV-PG) Frasier encounters an attractive female police officer, but the officer is much more interested in his father; Daphne invites some of her friends over.
Will & Grace Newlydreads (HD, TV-14) Will and Jack try to help a bookstore owner, and Grace and Karen's first job after their divorces is for a lovey-dovey newlywed couple.
Will & Grace Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace are horrified to discover that Vince and Nadine are the exact opposites of themselves, and Karen quits her job with Grace.
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