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« Columbo: Murder in Malibu (TV-PG, NR, **) An ambitious womanizer is rejected by a romance novelist he's planning to marry, so he creates a violent ending for their story.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker Primal Scream (TV-PG) Kolchak battles sinister oil company executives to learn the true nature of a group of malicious monkeys that escape from a lab.
The Honeymooners Alice and the Blonde (TV-G) An invitation to a fellow co-worker of Ralph's home has Alice and Trixie excited about a night out until the boys pay undue attention to the man's pretty wife.
The Odd Couple Gloria Hallelujah (TV-G) Oscar tries a computer dating service and is paired with Felix's ex-wife, and Felix tries to prove that he is not jealous of their pairing.
Mama's Family Mama Learns to Drive (TV-PG) The family is fed up with having to be Mama's chauffeur and decides to teach her how to drive, but as everyone takes turns attempting to be Mama's instructor.
ALF Fight Back (TV-PG) Willie believes that he has been ripped off by a shady auto mechanic, so ALF, Jake and Lynn decide to catch him with a hidden camera.
Hogan's Heroes Top Hat, White Tie and Bomb Sight (TV-G) Klink unwittingly helps Hogan and his men find contact with an underground allied agent by using a microphone Klink installed in the barracks.
Hogan's Heroes Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant (TV-G) Sergeant Schultz is found getting drunk, which angers Colonel Klink so much that he fires Schultz and looks for a replacement; he hires a tougher sergeant.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Rita Moreno (TV-G) Sergeant Harvey is dishonorably discharged which Officer Tim can't seem to competently discharge him; a woman is cured of her klutzy behavior.
Perry Mason The Case of the Sunbather's Diary (TV-PG) Someone steals the diary of woman and she is very eager to retrieve it because it may possibly contain self-incriminating evidence.
Mama's Family Black Belt Mama (TV-PG) After being mugged at the bus stop in broad daylight, Mama joins Naomi's self-defense karate class to defend herself from any other would-be purse snatchers.
ALF Suspicious Minds (TV-PG) When a mysterious new neighbor moves in down the street, ALF develops a hunch that the suspicious home owner is actually Elvis Presley in disguise.
Hogan's Heroes The Scientist (TV-G) LeBeau poses as a French scientist who is visiting the camp; meanwhile Hogan and his men come up with a way to smuggle the real scientist out of Stalag 13.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan's Hofbrau (TV-G) Hogan sneaks out of Stalag 13 to a local German brewery to get the secret plans of nearby German army's unit that happens to be camping nearby.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Steve Lawrence (TV-G) A career-obsessed couple tries to find time in their busy schedules to spend time together; Carol gets annoyed when Vicki refuses to answer her riddle.
Perry Mason The Case of the Cautious Coquette (TV-PG) Perry is lead on a wild goose chase which includes a double murder, a hit-and-run, a secret marriage and a missing witness.
Mama's Family Mama Buys a Car (TV-PG) Mama buys a used car from one of Vint's childhood friends, but the car is a lemon, leaving Mama stranded in the middle of the street and seeking a refund.
ALF Baby Love (TV-PG) ALF begins to think that he is having an allergic reaction to an infant when the neighbors decide to throw a baby shower for Lynn at the Tanner's house.
Hogan's Heroes Oil for the Lamps of Hogan (TV-G) The Germans want to safely build a new fuel plant somewhere on Stalag 13, though Hogan manages to convince them that there is oil somewhere underground.
Hogan's Heroes Reservations Are Required (TV-G) Hogan sets up a plan to send out twenty allied soldiers off Stalag 13, but one of the prisoners escapes early and is captured; the plan falls apart.
Carol Burnett and Friends A Swiped Life (TV-G) The gang performs a parody of "A Stolen Life" in which Carol portrays twin sisters who are confused with each other.
Perry Mason The Case of the Haunted Husband (TV-PG) An intoxicated man is involved in a serious car accident, but the passenger is mysteriously awakened in the driver's seat and the driver found dead in her room.
Mama's Family Supermarket (TV-PG) The manager of Food Circus offers Mama a job as customer consultant, but Naomi is not pleased to have her meddling mother-in-law working alongside her.
ALF Running Scared (TV-PG) A mysterious caller threatens to expose ALF's secret to the world if he is not paid $3,000; the INS shows up at the Tanner home with a search warrant.
Hogan's Heroes Anchors Aweigh, Men of Stalag 13 (TV-G) As the German army searches for an escaped prisoner, who had escaped with a German gun sight, Hogan and his men work together to bring the man to England.
Hogan's Heroes Happy Birthday, Adolf (TV-G) Hogan and his men put together a plan to destroy a German artillery unit so that the allied forces can send in their troops on a bombing raid.
Carol Burnett and Friends Strictly for the Birds; Fun in a Drugstore (TV-G) In a drug store, Tim gives Harvey the run-around as he attempts to fill a prescription; a secretary has a fantasy of finding a shipboard romance.
Perry Mason The Case of the Lonely Heiress (TV-PG) A woman uses her charm and good looks to seduce a con artist who deceived, swindled and drove her sister to suicide.
Mama's Family No Room at the Inn (TV-PG) Mama crashes Vint and Naomi's plans for their wedding anniversary at an out-of-town hotel after a fight with a family member leaves her with no place to stay.
ALF Standing in the Shadows of Love (TV-PG) ALF volunteers to help Jake out in his attempts to impress a seemingly unapproachable girl at school by ghostwriting a series of love letters for him.
Hogan's Heroes The Gold Rush (TV-G) Hogan learns that some French gold has been stolen by the German forces during an Allied offensive; Hogan convinces Klink to bring the gold to Stalag 13.
Hogan's Heroes Hello, Zolle (TV-G) Hogan captures and detains a German General during an allied offensive, holding him captive for twenty-four hours to extract information.
Carol Burnett and Friends The Family; The Oldest Man (TV-G) Eunice and Mama have a meal at an elegant restaurant but feel pressure during the visit; in the wild west, a bank robber is chased by the Oldest Man.
Perry Mason The Case of the Green-Eyed Sister (TV-PG) Two men, who were involved in a bank embezzlement scandal, are being blackmailed by a private investigator in return for his silence.
Star Trek Return of the Archons (TV-G) The Enterprise searches for a lost ship, only to discover a planet where the people are pacified by a supercomputer.
Murders in the Rue Morgue (TV-PG, NR, **+) In 19th Century Paris, a maniacal doctor abducts women and injects them with ape blood in a crazed attempt to prove ape-human kinship.
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« Columbo (TV-PG) A disheveled homicide detective with the LAPD is frequently underestimated by his suspects until he springs his trap and brings criminals to justice.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Trevi Collection (TV-PG) Carl seeks the aid of a coven of witches when a fashion designer uses supernatural powers to eliminate her rivals.
The Honeymooners Alice and the Blonde (TV-G) An invitation to a fellow co-worker of Ralph's home has Alice and Trixie excited about a night out until the boys pay undue attention to the man's pretty wife.
The Odd Couple The Pen is Mightier Than the Pencil (TV-G) Felix decides to take a writing class but Oscar is not fond of his style of poetry that he has been writing; Oscar decides to confront his teacher.
Mama's Family Mama for Mayor, Part 1 (TV-PG) During a press conference for the mayor, Mama publicly ridicules him for his lackluster performance and is challenged to run for mayor in the upcoming election.
ALF Superstition (TV-PG) The Tanner family attempts to help ALF after an old Melmackian superstition causes him to believe that he will be cursed with bad luck for the next 14 years.
Hogan's Heroes It Takes a Thief ... Sometimes (TV-G) Hogan and his men have been meeting with a group of underground operates, but the war prisoners do not realize that their supposed allies are actually spies.
Hogan's Heroes The Great Impersonation (TV-G) Sergeant Schultz is persuaded by Hogan and his men to impersonate Klink in his scheme to get some of his men free from the Gestapo.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Joanne Woodward (TV-G) Eunice reunites with an old friend who has been living life without a care in the world after getting a divorce.
Perry Mason The Case of the Fugitive Nurse (TV-PG) A doctor fakes his death on a plane crash so he can be with his mistress in Mexico and his wife must stand trial for the body double that was actually killed.
Mama's Family Mama for Mayor, Part 2 (TV-PG) After assuming the office of Mayor of Raytown, Mama discovers that she is inexperience and unprepared to handle the pressures that come along with the job.
ALF Torn Between Two Lovers (TV-G) When ALF takes a message on the phone for Lynn regarding a date for the dance, she misunderstands his message and winds up with two dates for the event.
Hogan's Heroes The Pizza Parlor (TV-G) Hogan uses pizza as a means to entice a pacifistic officer to defect from the Nazis so they may assist Hogan and his men in their escape.
Hogan's Heroes The 43rd, a Moving Story (TV-G) Hogan and his men have a mission to destroy a local artillery battery, but his plans are thwarted by Colonel Klinks new second in command.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guests Dick Van Dyke and Tony Randall (TV-G) Dick Van Dyke attempts to sell encyclopedia, but being around Carol makes it a dangerous ordeal; after one of them loses five dollars, Tony and Dick argue.
Perry Mason The Case of the One-Eyed Witness (TV-PG) Perry encounters a witness who is vital to a murder case, but her plea is not well-structured and could possibly be disregarded because she has troubled vision
Mama's Family Harper Versus Harper (TV-PG) Mama and Naomi go to small claims court over a fight in which Mama used Naomi's vacuum cleaner and started a fire when she ran over Naomi's key chain.
ALF Funeral for a Friend (TV-G) ALF has recently grown obsessed with acquiring a pet he can call his own, and the Tanner family is happy to see he has gotten an ant farm to maintain.
Hogan's Heroes How to Cook a German Goose by Radar (TV-G) Stalag 13 gets a new prisoner, an American in a corporal's uniform and a bad attitude, but what they don't know is he turns out to be a General with a plan.
Hogan's Heroes Psychic Kommandant (TV-G) Hogan attempts to persuade Colonel Klink of his supernatural powers of seeing into the future in order to gather knowledge of the noiseless aircraft.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Jack Klugman (TV-G) Accountants systematically cram into the buildings smallest office to get their work done; a department store salesperson claims to have a unique ability.
Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly Double (TV-PG) A woman, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, goes under hypnosis so a split personality that witnessed a murder can be revealed.
Mama's Family Mama's Birthday (TV-PG) On her birthday, Mama remembers the day of her thirtieth birthday, having to put her dreams on hold to take care of her own mother.
ALF Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (TV-G) When the Tanners learn young Brian fears the dark, a helpful ALF and Jake suggest Brian try camping outside overnight in an attempt to eliminate his fear.
Hogan's Heroes The Prince from the Phone Company (TV-G) A prisoner of war schemes a plot to disguise himself to request money from the Germans in order to fund a submarine base.
Hogan's Heroes The Safecracker Suite (TV-G) A plot to sneak evidence comes into play after an elimination attempt against Hitler.
Carol Burnett and Friends The Family; The Digs (TV-G) Eunice is outraged when she learns her vacation has been canceled; a married couple tells the other one what annoys them the most about the other.
Perry Mason The Case of the Empty Tin (TV-PG) A woman hires a fellow companion to prove she is the heir to an estate, but as they get near to closing the deal, he is found dead.
Mama's Family Mama Cries Uncle (TV-PG) Carls brother surprises the family with an unexpected visit, and he convinces the family that they should pursue an individual dream, no matter how difficult.
ALF Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow (TV-G) When Jake's estranged mother visits, ALF keeps an eye on her strange behavior, and when she thinks no one is looking, she steals a piece of jewelry from Kate.
Hogan's Heroes I Look Better in Basic Black (TV-G) Three young American women are employed at Stalag 13 and Hogan plans to determine their genuine intentions.
Hogan's Heroes The Assassin (TV-G) Hogan and his men attempt to help a German scientist defect to the allied powers, but their plans are made more difficult by constant interfering.
Carol Burnett and Friends The Butler and the Maid; Mrs. Wiggins (TV-G) A married couple takes their frustrations out for each other through their butler and the maid; Mr. Tudball tries to teach Mrs. Wiggins how to use the intercom.
Perry Mason The Case of the Half-Wakened Wife (TV-PG) A man goes to see an old companion for a friendly visit and gets charged with his murder, but fortunately Perry is also another old friend of his.
Star Trek Space Seed (TV-G) The Enterprise finds a derelict Earth ship, and learns that it contains a genetically enhanced dictator and his henchmen.
Monster on the Campus (TV-PG, NR, **+) A prehistoric fish is acquired by a college professor who is exposed to its blood when examining the specimen, which turns him into a bloodthirsty Neanderthal.
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