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The Andy Griffith Show Cyrano Andy (TV-G) Andy attempts to help a bashful Barney out with his love life by teaching him how to express his lovestruck feelings for Thelma Lou.
The Andy Griffith Show Andy and Opie, Housekeepers (TV-G) Andy and Opie go out of their way to make Aunt Bee realize what a huge disaster their lives would be if she wasn't around to help them out.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The Prize Boat (TV-G) Gomer decides to enter a contest to write a commercial jingle in which he wins what is said to be a free boat, but he finds out it is too good to be true.
WKRP in Cincinnati A Date with Jennifer (TV-PG) Les wins the Silver Sow Award and asks Jennifer to the awards banquet and, much to Herb's dismay, she accepts; Herb tries to ban interoffice dating.
Hogan's Heroes I Look Better in Basic Black (TV-G) Three young American women are employed at Stalag 13 and Hogan plans to determine their genuine intentions.
Hogan's Heroes The Assassin (TV-G) Hogan and his men attempt to help a German scientist defect to the allied powers, but their plans are made more difficult by constant interfering.
The Andy Griffith Show The New Doctor (TV-G) A new handsome doctor in town invokes suspicion in Aunt Bee and Barney, and make Andy jealous when he becomes close friends with Ellie.
The Andy Griffith Show A Plaque for Mayberry (TV-G) Mayor Pike and the Mayberry citizens are shocked when they discover the last living descendant of a Revolutionary War hero is Otis Campbell.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Friendly Freddy Strikes Again (TV-G) A con man named Friendly Freddy, known for selling fake foods, accidentally to Gomer an authentic ring, which is incredibly valuable; he tries to recover it.
WKRP in Cincinnati The Contest Nobody Could Win (TV-PG) Everyone panics when Johnny mistakenly declares on air that the grand prize for the station's newest contest is $5,000 instead of the actual $50.
Hogan's Heroes Cupid Comes to Stalag 13 (TV-G) Hogan wants Colonel Klink to forget about a promotion that he had been offered as he wants to play matchmaker to Klink and General Burkhalter's sister.
Hogan's Heroes The Flame Grows Higher (TV-G) Hogan and his men think there may be a traitor amongst them, within the Underground, so they follow their escape route in order to find them and stop them.
The Andy Griffith Show The Inspector (TV-G) A strict and rule-following courthouse inspector criticizes Andy and Barney for failing to use proper procedures when enforcing the law.
The Andy Griffith Show Ellie Saves a Female (TV-G) Ellie offers her assistance and encouragement to a tomboyish female farmhand in order to help her convey her uniqueness and femininity.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Change Partners (TV-G) Sergeant Carter and Bunny separate after one fight too many, during a double date; after which the two couples switch partners to entice the couple to reunite.
WKRP in Cincinnati Tornado (TV-PG) While a group of visiting Japanese businessmen tours the WKRP station, Cincinnati is hit by several storms that are causing tornadoes to form.
Hogan's Heroes Request Permission to Escape (TV-G) Carter receives a letter from his sweetheart, breaking up with him, and he asks Hogan if he can escape with them so he can attempt to patch things up with her.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan Gives a Birthday Party (TV-G) Two pilots have been shot down and are taken to Stalag 13, where they inform Hogan and his men that the allied forces are having a difficult time with defenses.
The Andy Griffith Show Andy Forecloses (TV-G) An unhappy and grouchy businessman by the name of Ben Weaver demands that Andy foreclose on a "down-on-his-luck" neighbor.
The Andy Griffith Show Quiet Sam (TV-G) Barney's suspicions about the new Mayberry farmer, who seems quite mysterious and odd, begin to increase at a fast pace.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Wild Bull of the Pampas (TV-G) A Latin American soldier come to the United States to observe the Marine Corps in action in order to learn about the United States military.
WKRP in Cincinnati Goodbye, Johnny (TV-PG) Johnny decides to leave WKRP to accept a higher-paying job at a California radio station, but the rest of the staff won't let him go that easily.
Hogan's Heroes The Schultz Brigade (TV-G) Colonel Klink is arrested for conspiring with the colonels in trying to discredit General Burkhalter with the Gestapo; Hogan tries to help.
Hogan's Heroes Diamonds in the Rough (TV-G) A milk maiden comes to the camp to sell milk, and she secretly sends a note to Hogan, asking him to meet with her at night at a rendezvous point in the woods.
The Andy Griffith Show Barney Gets His Man (TV-G) A criminal seeking revenge on Barney for sending him back to the slammer escapes from prison and immediately attempts to track Barney down.
The Andy Griffith Show The Guitar Player Returns (TV-G) Andy becomes suspicious of fowl play when the successful Mayberry guitarist Jim Lindsey returns to Mayberry, receiving a hero's welcome.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer, the Samaritan (TV-G) Gomer is tasked with the responsibility to give the General from Los Angeles' platoon to their camp; however, Gomer's good nature gets in the way.
WKRP in Cincinnati Johnny Comes Back (TV-PG) A grubby record company producer sends a DJ to audition who Andy later hires; Johnny comes back, fired again from L.A., and witness a cocaine deal for airtime.
Hogan's Heroes Operation Briefcase (TV-G) A man, going under the codename Hercules, is airdropped from London near Stalag 13, and is on a mission to switch his bomb-equipped briefcase with another.
Hogan's Heroes The Battle of Stalag 13 (TV-G) Hogan and his men smuggle a woman into their camp as she is a member of the Hammelburg Underground, and she informs Hogan of their affects on the war.
Have Rocket, Will Travel (TV-PG, NR, **) The Three Stooges working as janitors are accidentally launched into space and land on Venus, where they meet a fire-breathing spider and a talking unicorn.
Lost in Space Return from Outer Space (TV-G) Using an alien transporter, Will sends himself back to Earth but isn't believed when he tells everyone what has happened to his family.
Columbo: Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo (TV-PG, NR, ***+) A woman blames Columbo for her husband's death in prison and vows to exact revenge by murdering his wife and then killing Columbo.
Touched by an Angel A Winter Carol (TV-G) A New York mayor has a difficult time believing that her son's music teacher and planner for the Christmas pageant has passed away in the 9/11 attacks.
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The Andy Griffith Show Bringing Up Opie (TV-G) Aunt Bee tries to limit Opie's exposure to the rough jailhouse environment by forbidding him to spend his free time at the courthouse.
The Andy Griffith Show Opie and the Bully (TV-G) After learning that Opie is being bullied for his lunch money, Andy decides to let him fight it; Andy grows nervous while waiting for his son to return.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer, the Privileged Character (TV-G) Gomer is asked to sing again for another benefit, but he wears himself out by pulling his weight with the daily chores, which he chooses to do at night.
WKRP in Cincinnati Jennifer's Home for Christmas (TV-PG) Jennifer tells the staff that she has no plans for Christmas, not even a tree, so they hatch a plan to make her Christmas a little less lonely.
Hogan's Heroes The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz (TV-G) Hogans efforts to rescue a captured member of the underground are constantly blocked by the Gestapo, but Hogan comes up with a plan to distract Schultz.
Hogan's Heroes Hogan's Springs (TV-G) Hogan manages to set four underground leaders free from the Gestapo, and he smuggles them into Stalag 13; they come up with a plan to send the men to England.
The Andy Griffith Show The Christmas Story (TV-G) Andy and Barney convert Mayberry's modern-day Scrooge after throwing a Christmas party in jail for a prisoner and his family.
The Andy Griffith Show Barney's Replacement (TV-G) After an intelligent rookie is sent to Mayberry to gain police experience, Barney is convinced he's being replaced as deputy and quits.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer Goes Home (TV-G) Gomer gets to take a trip to his hometown of Mayberry, but the joy is cut short when he realizes that everyone he knew is away on vacation.
WKRP in Cincinnati Bah, Humbug (TV-PG) Mr. Carlson plans to deny his staff any sort of a Christmas bonus, but a brownie-induced nightmare might cause him to reconsider his decision.
Hogan's Heroes A Klink, a Bomb, and a Short Fuse (TV-G) Hogan and his gang attempt to steal Colonel Klinks code book from his safe, photograph its contents and return it back to its proper place.
Hogan's Heroes Tanks for the Memory (TV-G) Newkirk discovers a new radio-controlled tank that the Germans had built to insure they would win the war, and the allies ask Hogan to photograph it.
The Andy Griffith Show Andy and the Woman Speeder (TV-G) A beautiful big-city woman uses flattery and bribery to turn witnesses for the prosecution, Opie, Floyd, and Barney against Andy to fight a speeding ticket.
The Andy Griffith Show Mayberry Goes Bankrupt (TV-G) In evicting Frank Myers, the town learns he holds a bond worth more than what the city can pay and is held at his mercy until more information is uncovered.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. A Dog Is a Dog (TV-G) Sergeant Carter and Private Pyle are assigned to look after the Colonel's dog, but the dog runs off and the two have to find him before the Colonel finds out.
WKRP in Cincinnati Never Leave Me, Lucille (TV-PG) When Herb and his wife separate, Johnny lets him stay at his apartment; Jennifer comes up with a plot to get them back together so Herb will leave her alone.
Hogan's Heroes A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part #1 (TV-G) A female underground agent is arrested while trying to document some of the secrets of the German bases, and she is taken to Paris for questioning.
Hogan's Heroes A Tiger Hunt in Paris, Part #2 (TV-G) Hogan and LeBeau continue in their efforts to free an underground agent from German clutches in Nazi-occupied Paris, and get help from a Himmler-lookalike.
The Andy Griffith Show Barney on the Rebound (TV-G) Barney is taken in on a scam when a beautiful newcomer and her "father" trap him into a breach of settlements, but Andy calls their bluff.
The Andy Griffith Show Opie's Hobo Friend (TV-G) Opie's fascination with a vagrant hobo leads him to play hooky from school, so Andy and the hobo join forces to teach him a lesson.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Love Finds Gomer Pyle (TV-G) When Gomer meets a depressed teenage girl, he buys her a soda as she doesn't have any money to buy one for herself; she develops a crush on him.
WKRP in Cincinnati I Want to Keep My Baby (TV-PG) A baby is left at the station by a single mother who feels that because she listens to Johnny's show every day, he is the only person in town she really knows.
Hogan's Heroes Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up? (TV-G) Security is higher than ever at Stalag 13, and Hogan and his men are desperate for a way to smuggle out some information on German fortifications to allies.
Hogan's Heroes Don't Forget to Write (TV-G) Colonel Klink fails his routine physical exam and lands a combat assignment at the Russian front; Hogan and his men fear a harsher replacement is coming.
The Andy Griffith Show Crime-Free Mayberry (TV-G) Two crooks posing as FBI agents, congratulate Andy on a crime-free record, and crack the Mayberry Bank's vault, but not without the sheriff's suspicions.
The Andy Griffith Show The Perfect Female (TV-G) Andy and Thelma Lou's beautiful cousin hit it off until she shows Andy she is not delicate and causes Andy to admit the error of his ways.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Gomer and the Queen of Burlesque (TV-G) Sergeant Hacker plays a joke on Gomer as he sets Gomer up with a burlesque dancer, telling him that the woman works as a teacher out of town.
WKRP in Cincinnati A Commercial Break (TV-PG) Wanting to reach a crowd of younger, the director of a chain of funeral homes approaches WKRP and the staff create a commercial aimed at a hipper audience.
Hogan's Heroes Klink's Rocket (TV-G) Hogan and his men plan to lure bombers within range of an allied anti-craft installation hidden within an abandoned warehouse, helping allies.
Hogan's Heroes Information Please (TV-G) General Burkhalter suspects there has been a security leak at Stalag 13, and goes fishing for a confession with some false information and Hogan falls for it.
Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (TV-PG, NR) When six men end up marooned on a remote South Sea island, they find themselves having to deal with a savage tribe of murderous man-hating bikini-clad women.
Lost in Space The Girl from the Green Dimension (TV-PG) When a green girl from another dimension courts Dr. Smith, the girl's brutish ex-boyfriend follows her and vows to kill his rival in love, Dr. Smith.
Columbo: Uneasy Lies the Crown (TV-PG, NR, **+) A gambling dentist murders a famous actor and patient after he discovers he has been seeing his wife and Columbo must get him to confess.
Touched by an Angel The Compass (TV-G) During World War II, a group of desperate soldiers make a pact, and Monica is enlisted to help a bitter and cynical private become a hero.
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