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HGTV's Top 10 Inside Out (TV-G) Designers, real estate agents and architects travel coast to coast to showcase 10 houses that change the definition and difference between inside and outside.
Your House & Home (TV-G) A look at how to apply a patterned tile floor for a must-have home design; how to upgrade hardware in showers; bring birds to your home; sliding glass doors.
Your House & Home (TV-G) Installing a Pella front door; designs for landscapes; shower door installation; taking out a light fixture and replacing it with a ceiling fan.
Your House & Home (TV-G) Decopierre stone; "Kid Friendly" - growing tomatoes in hanging baskets & making an herb garden; weatherstripping; pool maintenance; "City Dwellers" - cat condo.
HGTV's Top 10 Let's Talk (TV-G) Designers, real estate experts and architects shine a spotlight on 10 different houses from across North America that feature amazing views.
HGTV's Top 10 Light My Fire (TV-G) Designers, real estate agents and architects shine the spotlight on 10 over-the-top fireplaces, traditional and modern, in living rooms across the continent.
« A Perfect Christmas List (TV-G, NR) A woman reluctantly returns home for the holidays and embarks on a Christmas adventure with her aloof mother as per the request of her recovering grandmother.
A Christmas Truce (HD, TV-PG) During a 24-hour truce at the Battle of the Bulge, an American Captain and a Belgian farm girl fall in love, and they promise to meet again after the war ends.
« Merry Ex-Mas (TV-PG) A man gets trapped in a cabin during a Christmas blizzard with his daughter, his former mother-in-law, his ex-wife and her wealthy suitor.
Anything But Christmas (TV-PG, NR) Although Christmas is the one holiday that John runs from, he loves Grace and her ten-year-old son Zachary, and wants to propose to her at Christmas.
« Anything But Christmas (TV-PG, NR) Although Christmas is the one holiday that John runs from, he loves Grace and her ten-year-old son Zachary, and wants to propose to her at Christmas.
A Perfect Christmas (TV-G, NR, **+) A couple celebrating their first Christmas together invites both sets of parents to join them, but each of the newlyweds is hiding a secret.
« My Santa (TV-PG, NR) A young mother is beginning to lose her faith in the magic of Christmas, but when she takes her son to the local mall Santa she feels an immediate attraction.
Anything But Christmas (TV-PG, NR) Although Christmas is the one holiday that John runs from, he loves Grace and her ten-year-old son Zachary, and wants to propose to her at Christmas.
« Anything But Christmas (TV-PG, NR) Although Christmas is the one holiday that John runs from, he loves Grace and her ten-year-old son Zachary, and wants to propose to her at Christmas.
Defending Santa (TV-14, NR) Santa didn't expect to be arrested in the middle of his nap for a crime he didn't commit, but now his court-appointed lawyer must prove he really is Santa.
HGTV's Top 10 Morning Glories (TV-G) Viewers get a special look at bedrooms that provide their owners with wonderful mornings, including rooms with views.
Your House & Home (TV-G) "Shows and Expos" - parade of homes outdoors; "Out in the Open" - table top water feature; "Closer to Home" - dinner switch.
Your House & Home (TV-G) "Start to Finish" - bubbling vase fountain; one legged garden stool; "Closer to Home" - sink tip-outs; "Definitely Design" - window coverings.
Your House & Home (TV-G) "Start to Finish" - bathtub; "Definitely Design" - tile floors and glass blocks; "Kid Friendly"; "Closer to Home" - kitchen storage solutions.
HGTV's Top 10 Literary Legends (TV-G) The team visits the top 10 houses designed with book lovers in mind.
HGTV's Top 10 Everyone's a Winner (TV-G) The team travels across the continent to visit the top 10 game rooms with both classic and contemporary styles.
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HGTV's Top 10 Feast Your Eyes (TV-G) Viewers get a special look at dining rooms with both traditional and modern styles that were designed for entertainment.
Your House & Home (TV-G) A look at Habitat for Humanity; ex-urbanites; a look at gardens that with-stand cooler weather; a look at installing lighting for home security.
Your House & Home (TV-G) For the "Start to Finish" project, a look is taken at storage bins for a garage overhead; an emergency kit to keep at home for safety precautions.
Your House & Home (TV-G) How to create slide-out drawers for holding trash cans from start to finish; stained concrete patios for a design must-have; how to make a house for Bats.
HGTV's Top 10 Room with a View (TV-G) The team visits houses with rooms designed to accentuate the rooms' center pieces, their spectacular views.
HGTV's Top 10 All Dressed Up (TV-G) The team sneaks into the nation's top 10 dressing rooms created by famous designers.
Colour Confidential Ana and Cyrus' Master Bedroom (TV-G) Ana and Cyrus need help finding a more soothing color for their bright blue master bedroom that evokes terror more than love, so Jane steps in.
Colour Confidential Eric and Terri's Basement (TV-G) A couple want their home's basement to be a warm, comfortable place where they can relax and enjoy watching baseball games together.
For Your Home New Kitchen, Part 1 (TV-G) Vicki brings in various kitchen re-modelers to give their tips on renovating a kitchen to give it a modern-day look as they re-make a bachelor's kitchen.
For Your Home New Kitchen, Part 2 (TV-G) Vicki Payne and her group of kitchen re-modelers put the finishing touches on the renovated kitchen before they show all of the new additions to the homeowner.
Room To Grow Wonderous Walkway (TV-G) Amanda and Carson revitalize a tired garden for a young family with the installation of a signature patio with imported limestone and clumps of birch trees.
Room To Grow Backyard Bliss (TV-G) Carson and Amanda makeover a long and thin backyard for a pair of new homeowners with a new deck, patio, and gazebo connected by a wooden path.
Colour Confidential Kelly and Anthony's Living/Dining Room (TV-G) Hip young couple Kelly and Anthony need help presenting their retro style in a way that won't bore guests while entertaining, so Jane adds funky touches.
Colour Confidential Amy and Jason's Living Room (TV-G) Amy and Jason originally fell in love with their unique floor plan, but now realize that it's been more of a challenge to design around.
For Your Home Laundry Room Blues (TV-G) Host Vicki Payne has finally had enough of how her own laundry room looks, giving it a renovation to make doing the laundry more pleasant.
For Your Home Backyard Makeover (TV-G) A single mother seeks out Vicki's valuable assistance in her attempts to create an idyllic backyard situation for her young children.
Room To Grow Curb Appeal (TV-G) Carson increases the curb appeal of a small front yard garden while Amanda spreads the same French Provincial-style to the front porch.
Room To Grow Dual Nature (TV-G) Carson overhauls neglected, neighboring garden beds in a two-tiered garden, while Amanda brings a friendly atmosphere to one patio, and solitude to another.
Colour Confidential Pim and Rachael's Kitchen (TV-G) Pim and his daughter Rachael need a more inviting design plan for their funky and bright kitchen that initially was fine for one person.
Colour Confidential Suzanna and Pier's Living Room (TV-G) A couple whose home features an impressive entryway can't decide whether to keep the room that follows it simple or decorate it with bright colors.
For Your Home Finding Your Style (TV-G) Vicki accompanies interior designer Leo Dowell for a comprehensive tour of a European-style home in North Carolina, where the pair swaps expertise.
For Your Home Victory Junction (TV-G) Vicki invites a group of peers and close friends to assist her in putting together a comfortable lounge space at a children's camp.
Room To Grow Garden Party (TV-G) Carson aims to create the perfect showplace for entertaining with a garden, while Amanda enhances his improvements with a New York-chic theme.
Room To Grow Tuscan Flair (TV-G) Carson and Amanda perform an emergency makeover of a garden that nearly caused the house's owners to move, and give it a Tuscan flair for both adults and kids.
Colour Confidential Dallas and Doug's Bedroom (TV-G) Having lived in their home for almost a year, Dallas and Doug still need a cohesive design plan that will reflect a relaxing and not overly-effeminate bedroom.
Colour Confidential Stacey and Matt's Living Room (TV-G) Newlyweds Stacey and Matt must settle down long enough to decide on a design plan for their new home together, which is overrun with workout equipment.
For Your Home Vicki's Kitchen Makeover (TV-G) After coming across an eye-catching display of premium-quality Italian marble, Vicki becomes inspired to redecorate her own kitchen space.
For Your Home Building Your Team, Part 1 (TV-G) Vicki brings together a team of savvy construction workers and decoration experts in order to break ground on an extensive remodeling project.
Room To Grow Colour Explosion (TV-G) Carson and Amanda help make a dark and drab yard a bright redesign with an overhaul of the garden and a colorful repaint of the fence.
Room to Grow Poolside Splendour (TV-G) Carson and Amanda make an effort to reorganize a poolside backyard to help the homeowners create a place to entertain, to sunbathe, or even just relax.
Colour Confidential Saija and Subir's Bedroom (TV-G) Saija and Subir's can't seem to agree on their conflicting design choices, especially after being raised with completely different tastes.
Colour Confidential Johanne and Steve's Bedroom (TV-G) Having put their children's need before their own, Johanne and Steve need help reestablishing their own style after 16 years of marriage.
For Your Home Building, Part 2 (TV-G) Vicki provides her expertise for the arduous selection process of various essential items, including energy-efficient windows and cooling systems.
For Your Home Trim & Surfaces, Part 3 (TV-G) Host Vicki Payne explores the latest innovations in paperless drywall for the benefit of interested viewers before exploring the natural elements.
Room To Grow Patio Perfection (TV-G) Carson and Amanda attempt to breath new life into an old patio and turn a spot full of garbage and debris into a pathway to a nicer garden with a whole new look
Room to Grow A Family Affair (TV-G) Amanda and Carson begin a garden makeover with the family's parents in mind, taking their needs into consideration while they transform the garden.
HGTV's Top 10 Kitchens That Cook (TV-G) Viewers are given a special look at 10 of the country's best kitchens, with an emphasis on the unique features that make them special.
Reality Obsessed Role Model (Repeat, TV-PG) Murtz gets firsthand experience with professionals whose job is to make celebrities look perfect on camera, as they give him a runway makeover.
Reality Obsessed Back Stabbing (Repeat, TV-PG) Murtz attempts to track down the actors involved in some of the most famous on screen betrayals to see if they can talk it out and forgive each other.
Reality Obsessed The Pet Whisperer (Repeat, TV-PG) Murtz learns why shows centering around animals are popular, interviewing hosts and participants of animal shows to find out what goes in to making the show.
HGTV's Top 10 Master Suite Retreats (TV-G) Viewers are treated to a special glimpse at 10 of the country's most elegant master suites and the luxurious features they've been equipped with.
HGTV's Top 10 Sublime Living Rooms (TV-G) Designers, real estate experts and architects shine a spotlight on 10 brightly-lit living rooms in homes spread all across North America.
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