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Alice The Eyes of Texas (TV-PG) Alice tells Flo that she needs glasses after she notices her strange behavior, but Flo's vanity makes her to refuse to get a pair, despite it being necessary.
Alice Love Is a Free Throw (TV-PG) A player on Tommy's basketball team falls in love with Alice, but when he asks her to go to prom with him, she refuses to go, causing him to become depressed.
Barney Miller Asylum (TV-PG) Wojo grants asylum to a Russian criminal before he is supposed to, and Marty is caught with a half-ounce of marijuana and arrested for violating his parole.
Barney Miller Group Home (TV-PG) Yemana is forced to help an Army officer when a criminal threatens a recruiting facility with a bomb, and Fish takes a shot at mugging detail.
Coach A Fox By Any Other Name (TV-PG) Hayden recalls the story of how Tim got his name, when a mishap with a hospital clerk led to a baby-naming contest put on by an antagonistic sportswriter.
Coach The Stench of Death (TV-PG) To reward them for winning, Doris gives the coaches a session with her psychic, whose troubling prediction has Luther thinking a player wants to kill him.
Alice Close Encounters of the Worst Kind (TV-PG) When Alice explains repression to the entire staff, it brings forth petty grievances among the workers and causes everyone to argue with each other.
Alice The Pharmacist (TV-PG) A pharmacist threatens to commit suicide by swallowing a Cyanide pill in Mel's Diner until someone takes his protest against food additives seriously.
Barney Miller Strike, Part 1 (TV-PG) The citys police force is threatening to go on a strike and a woman is robbed by a man whom she met through a computer dating service.
Barney Miller Strike, Part 2 (TV-PG) Captain Barney Miller and Inspector Luger are forced to take care of the city's problems, while the rest of the police officers go on strike.
Coach Baby Coaches (TV-PG) An obnoxious mother brags about her baby's walking and talking, and an insecure Hayden tries to bring Tim up to speed with some programs.
Coach Upsized (TV-PG) While Doris promotes Luther, Hayden taps Dick Butkus as a new defensive coordinator, but the former linebacker soon tries to dominate the decision making.
Alice Love Me, Love My Horse (TV-PG) Flo sets up her brother on a blind date with Alice, but Alice is stunned when their night of cooking steak over a campfire ends with a marriage proposal.
Alice The Reporter (TV-PG) When a reporter visits the diner, Alice learns that he is hiding because he is afraid that someone will kill him to prevent his article from being published.
Barney Miller Goodbye Mr. Fish, Part 1 (TV-PG) On his last day of work before retiring, Fish is nowhere to be found; a neighborhood vigilante group causes problems for the 12th Precinct.
Barney Miller Goodbye Mr. Fish, Part 2 (TV-PG) After finally making his way to the police department, Fish surprises all the officers when he refuses to acknowledge his mandatory retirement.
Coach The Neighbor Hood (TV-PG) The new neighbors move into the neighborhood, and Coach Hayden Fox becomes skeptical and suspicious, cautioning his wife, Christine, not to trust them at all.
Coach Leaving Orlando Part 1 (TV-PG) In the first part of the series finale, Doris offers Hayden a 17-million-dollar package to stay with the Breakers, but other teams are interested in him too.
Alice Florence of Arabia (TV-PG) Flo gets excited over her rich Arab boyfriend, but when Alice meets him, she finds out that he intends to make Flo his fourth wife and have her join his harem.
Alice The Cuban Connection (TV-PG) When a bickering and recently separated couple visits Mel's Diner, Alice decides to become a mediator for them and attempts to get them back together.
Barney Miller Bugs (TV-PG) Members of the 12th Precinct find recording devices in the police station and try to figure out if they're from internal affairs or the Nixon administration.
Barney Miller Corporation (TV-PG) A radical environmentalist takes on the lawyer of a chemical plant he's been attacking, and Wojo tries to help a homeless woman who has been assaulted.
Coach Leaving Orlando Part 2 (TV-PG) Hayden and the gang return to Minnesota, where they reminisce and see old friends, and Hayden reveals his vision of his family's future.
Coach Leaving Orlando Part 3 (TV-PG) Hayden and the gang return to Minnesota, where they reminisce and see old friends, and Hayden reveals his vision of his family's future.
Alice Mel's Big 5-0 (TV-PG) Mel tells the waitresses he doesn't want anything for his 50th birthday, despite secretly wanting a party, but he is disappointed when he doesn't get one.
Alice Don't Lock Now (TV-PG) Mel install locks around the diner after someone stole food and used the phone, but he accidentally locks the waitresses and himself into the storeroom.
Barney Miller Burial (TV-PG) Detective Fish is pulled out of retirement from the 12th Precinct, and he tries to help Barney locate a corpse that has been mysteriously kidnapped.
Barney Miller Copy Cat (TV-PG) Yemana uses a TV guide to catch a perpetrator who is mimicking crime shows, and the precinct arrests an alcoholic who tried to do a holdup without a gun.
Coach My True Love Gave To Me... (TV-PG) When Hayden's and Dauber's gifts to their girlfriends accidentally get switched, Judy unwraps a ring and thinks Dauber is proposing to her.
Coach Wings Over Buffalo (TV-PG) Luther's choice of chicken wings causes the Breakers to suffer food poisoning on the way to the playoff game.
Good Morning World Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Maybe (TV-PG)
McHale's Navy Carpenter in Command (TV-PG) After Binghamton lands in the hospital with a broken leg, he temporarily assigns control of the base to Carpenter, who lets the power go to his head.
Father Knows Best Big Sister (TV-G) Betty is assigned to be Kitten's counselor at summer camp, and after she throws her authoritative weight around too much, Kitten decides to strike back.
The Jack Benny Program The Bobby Darin Show (TV-G) With the movie studio still working on the Jack Benny biography movie, Jack insists on playing himself while the studio insists on casting Bobby Darin.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show No Fan Mail for George (TV-G) George is depressed to learn that Gracie and Von Zell have been getting all of the fan mail; Gracie asks Blanche to send him a fake fan letter to cheer him up.`
I Dream of Jeannie How Do You Beat Superman (TV-G) Jeannie conjures a millionaire suitor in order to make Tony jealous when his continual obsession with football begins to make her feel neglected.
Three's a Crowd Daddy's Little Girl (TV-PG) Jack feels left out when Vicky gets the measles and prefers to have her father take care of her instead of Jack; Jack is quarantined with Bradford.
The Ropers Man About the House (TV-PG) Jeffrey cares for David alone when Anne goes out of town, but when he has a meeting and no babysitter, he gets Stanley to watch him, unaware of his poker game.
Three's Company Navy Blues (TV-PG) An old Navy buddy of Jack's comes into town with the hopes that he can weasel his way into Jack's business by using his Navy desertion as leverage.
Barney Miller Homicide, Part 2 (TV-PG) Detective Harris tries his best to impress an attractive crime photographer, while Dietrich actually goes looking for the hit man's next target.
Mork & Mindy Mork's New Look (TV-G) Mindy's father makes an impression on Mork when he confesses that he has decided to consult a plastic surgeon about his ageing.
Alice If the Shoe Fits (TV-PG) When an attractive director comes to town looking to fill a part in his latest production, Alice and Vera find themselves competing for the main role.
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Archie Bunker's Place Custody, Part 2 After being thrown for a loop following the visit of Stephanie's grandmother, Archie prepares to fight for custody of his daughter.
Alice A Semi-Merry Christmas (TV-PG) Alice's plans for a trip appears to be dashed when she doesn't get a Christmas bonus, but when it seems that she will make it there, a snowstorm strands her.
Alice Mel's Christmas Carol (TV-PG) When his waitresses refuse to work on Christmas Eve, Mel fires them, but a visit from the ghost of his past business partner gives him a change of heart.
Barney Miller Christmas Story (TV-PG) Officer Fish is forced to go undercover in an attempt to stop a mugger who attacks Santas; Wojo tries to tell Yemana that his Christmas Eve date is a call girl.
Coach Christmas Brains (TV-PG) Hayden spends Christmas with the Rosebrocks and runs into his ex-wife, who shares a gift idea that may help him reunite with Christine.
Coach Christmas of the Van Damned (TV-PG) Luther makes a complete nuisance of himself after tracing his family tree and learning of a large group of Van Dams living in the area.
Benson Home for Christmas (TV-PG) A slip on an icy sidewalk while Christmas shopping leaves Benson unconscious and visited by a tour of the bleak future without him, lead by his deceased mother.
Growing Pains A Christmas Story (TV-G) Jason attempts to give counsel to his newest patient who has been accused of poor job performance working as a department store Santa Claus.
Gimme a Break! Christmas in New York (TV-PG) As the gang goes on a trip to purchase a Christmas tree for the house, Joey's actions towards Matthew lead to Nell confronting Marty.
My Two Dads 'Tis the Season (TV-G) Joey and Michael are excited to celebrate Christmas with Nicole, but she wants to ignore the holiday because it will be her first without her mother.
Dear John Dancing in the Dark (TV-PG) John anticipates spending Christmas in his apartment with his young son but he finds out the boy is going to be spending it in Disneyland instead.
227 Guess Who's Not Coming to Christmas (TV-PG) Mary invites her landlord Julian to her Christmas Eve celebration in hopes of livening up the party and spreading some holiday cheer.
Alice The Star in the Storeroom (TV-PG) After Flo reveals that she once took care of singer Jerry Reed, the musician later visits Mel's Diner, but he ends up getting stuck in the storeroom.
Alice The Bus (TV-PG) When a tour bus drops off many customers, Mel forces the waitress to work late without overtime pay, prompting Alice, Flo and Vera to consider joining a union.
Barney Miller Blizzard (TV-PG) A blizzard hits New York, and members of the 12th Precinct get stuck with a dead body; a modern-day prophet predicts the weather is the coming of a new ice age.
Barney Miller Chase (TV-PG) Wojo borrows a taxicab for a police chase and ends up wrecking the car; Lieutenant Scanlon tries to catch corrupt officers in the 12th Precinct.
Coach Love Me Tender (TV-PG) Coach Hayden's paternal instincts are suddenly jolted and his relationship interrupted when Kelly returns to Minnesota for college.
Coach Kelly, Meet Christine (TV-PG) Kelly and Christine get to know each other better, and Christine insists that Hayden give his daughter full disclosure about their relationship.
Alice Mel's Recession (TV-PG) Mel announces to the staff that the diner has lost money over the past year and his accountant recommended to him that he should fire one of the waitresses.
Alice Earthquake (TV-PG) Vera is convinced that an earthquake will harm Phoenix, frightening the staff; Flo learns that someone is stealing from the tip jar and thinks Mel did it.
Barney Miller Tunnel (TV-PG) While chasing a criminal, Wojo gets buried alive when a tunnel collapses on him; Harris looks around Manhattan for an apartment that will fit his lifestyle.
Barney Miller Atomic Bomb (TV-PG) A college student uses his physics project as an excuse to create an atomic bomb, but the bomb squad and government fail to see his real intentions.
Coach Kelly & the Professor (TV-PG) When Kelly finally tells Hayden that she has just been on a date with one of the faculty members, the jealous Hayden demands to know who it is.
Coach The Loss Weekend (TV-PG) Christine is making an effort to recover from a broken heart, while Hayden suffers the pangs of defeat when the team hits a losing streak.
Alice Take Him, He's Yours (TV-PG) After Alice and Tommy get into a huge argument, Mel boasts that he can do a better job raising him, prompting Alice to take him up on his offer.
Alice Car Wars (TV-PG) After hearing that Mel must sell his older car, the waitresses put their money together to buy it, but as soon as they get it, they find out it doesn't work.
Barney Miller The Bank (TV-PG) A crazy individual attempts to accuse a sperm bank of murder when associates at the lab accidently destroy his last sample of prostatic fluid.
Barney Miller The Ghost (TV-PG) The officers do not believe a man who claims he had an experience with a poltergeist, but after locking him up, they begin to think otherwise.
Coach I'm in Love with a Boy Named Stuart (TV-PG) Kelly introduces her new boyfriend to the family at dinner, but Hayden begins to really dislike the boy as he finds out more about him.
Coach Gambling for Meat (TV-PG) When Luther bets against the team to win a steak, Hayden suspends him for 30 days for gambling, but Luther thinks he's been fired and takes another job.
Good Morning World If You Marry Me Today, I'll Marry You Tomorrow (TV-PG) Dave and Linda reminisce on their wedding in Hawaii, and while having dinner with Larry and Sandy, they explain why there's confusion about their anniversary.
McHale's Navy The Dart Gun Wedding (TV-PG) The spoiled and wealthy son of Binghamton's stateside employer attempts to put pressure on the Captain to permanently keep him on base.
Father Knows Best Calypso Kid (TV-G) Bud becomes obsessed with the bongos, and Jim can't understand why, until he meets the sweet Beat girl Jeanie, who simply adores calypso music.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Goes to an Allergy Doctor (TV-G) When Jack lets his cast know he is furious about their mistakes, the cast informs him that he had been flubbing lines and scratching himself during the show.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Harry Morton Is Missing (TV-G) Gracie hires a private investigator when Harry Morton goes missing; the detective becomes very confused about the identity of his new client.
I Dream of Jeannie My Master, the Great Caruso (TV-G) After Jeannie magically gives Tony the ability to sing like Enrico Caruso, news of his amazing voice spreads until General Peterson enters him in a talent show.
Three's a Crowd Jack's Problem (TV-PG) Jack has trouble in the bedroom, and Vicky wonders what the cause of it would be; she talks to her mother about it, and her answer has Vicky more concerned.
The Ropers Old Flames (TV-PG) Jealous Helen is reuniting with an old boyfriend, Stanley reaches out to his ex to make Helen jealous too; David may trade a model train for an old inner tube.
Three's Company Borrowing Trouble (TV-PG) The girls invent a fake contest for Jack to "win," thinking that he needs rent money; however, they are upset when he doesn't spend it like they had planned.
Barney Miller Agent Orange (TV-PG) Detective Wojo looks into a case involving a fellow veteran who went on a crime spree that may have been caused by exposure to Agent Orange.
Mork & Mindy Mork and the Bum Rap (TV-G) Mork doesn't understand charity, but he wants to help Mindy raise money for the children's hospital, so he tries asking for money at the bus station.
Alice Flo Finds Her Father (TV-PG) When Flo says she is unwilling to see her father and forgive him for abandoning the family during her childhood, Alice tries to reconcile their relationship.
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