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Three's a Crowd A Friend in Deed (TV-PG) Vickys recently-heartbroken friend comes for a visit, who tells her of a new guy she just met; Jack overhears the conversation, which causes trouble.
The Ropers Two for the Road (TV-PG) After fights with their wives, Jeffrey and Stanley visit the bar, where they bond over drinks, but a poor decision has potential to land both of them in jail.
Three's Company An Affair to Forget (TV-PG) Jack goes on a date with one of Janet's old high school friends, but things soon become complicated when she confesses to him that she is actually married.
Barney Miller Jack Soo, a Retrospective (TV-PG) The actors step out of their characters and pay special tribute to the life of "Barney Miller" star Jack Soo who died of cancer on January 11, 1979.
Mork & Mindy Mork's Health Hints (TV-G) Mindy is admitted to the hospital to have her tonsils removed, but a mix-up has her scheduled for brain surgery, and Mork can't find her room.
Alice The Star in the Storeroom (TV-PG) After Flo reveals that she once took care of singer Jerry Reed, the musician later visits Mel's Diner, but he ends up getting stuck in the storeroom.
Alice The Best Little Waitress in the World (TV-PG) A self-help book turns Vera into a better, more confident waitress, prompting Mel to leave her in charge of the diner while he is away, a tall task for Vera.
Alice Alice and the Acorns (TV-PG) Alice discovers that one of her old friends is still suffering from the same inferiority complex when she pays a visit to the diner.
Barney Miller People's Court (TV-PG) When a burglar starts to raid many homes at an apartment complex, the tenants team up and go on a desperate mission to catch the dangerous criminal.
Barney Miller The Child Stealers (TV-PG) A strange man who claims he can time travel into the future warns Barney to adjust his stock portfolio, and Mr. Driscoll decides to get his son back.
Coach The Bachelor Party (TV-PG) Feeling overlooked in spite of his loyalty, Luther gets upset when Johnny Unitas, Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus host the bachelor party for Hayden.
Coach Dresswreckers (TV-PG) Hayden agrees to pick up Christine's wedding dress in an effort to help with the chaotic plans, but she erupts in anger when she discovers he ruined the dress.
Alice Jolene Hunnicutt, Dynamite Trucker (TV-PG) The waitresses help one of Jolene's overworked friends by making a delivery in his big rig, unaware that the truck is loaded with dynamite.
Alice Mel Wins by a Nose (TV-PG) When Mel's doctor tells him he needs surgery for a deviated septum, he also asks him if he wants to undergo a rhinoplasty too, an offer Mel strongly considers.
Barney Miller Uniform Day (TV-PG) When other members of the 12th Precinct celebrate the department's annual day of uniform, Detective Harris shows up wearing his usual streets clothes.
Barney Miller Vanished, Part 1 (TV-PG) A homeless man arrives at the precinct and reports the disappearances of several of his friends, so Harris goes undercover as a vagrant in order to investigate.
Coach Vows (TV-PG) An anxious Hayden and Christine plan to exchange wedding vows in her childhood home, but one of them has difficulty writing the right words.
Coach The Patriot Bowl (TV-PG) A championship trophy is within reach as Hayden leads his team to the Patriot Bowl, where they are determined to play despite the worst conditions in history.
Murphy Brown Birth 101 (HD, TV-PG) Murphy's labor begins while the last FYI show of the season is being broadcast live.
Murphy Brown You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Murphy combats negative comments about her single parenthood from Dan Quayle upon arriving home from the hospital with her newborn son.
Murphy Brown You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) Dan Quayle's comments about Murphy's family values enrages her.
Murphy Brown Political Correctness (HD, TV-PG) The entire FYI crew must attend a "cultural sensitivity" seminar after Murphy and Peter make rude remarks during a broadcast.
Murphy Brown It's Not Easy Being Brown (HD, TV-PG) Murphy hires a publicist and goes on a children's show to improve her image.
Murphy Brown Brown vs. the Board of Education (HD, TV-PG) Murphy invites admissions board members from a prestigious preschool to a lavish party in order to secure Avery's ability to attend their school.
Alice Monty Falls for Alice (TV-PG) An acquaintance visits and expresses his affection for Alice, but when she doesn't reciprocate his feelings, he threatens to jump from the Mel's Diner sign.
Alice Spell Mel's (TV-PG) Mel launches a contest at the diner with a $3000 cash prize after a nearby competitor with a similar promotion starts to lure away customers.
Barney Miller Dietrich's Arrest, Part 2 (TV-PG) Harris is extremely disappointed when he is forced to arrest his good friend and colleague Dietrich, and the officers book a nuclear engineer.
Barney Miller Guns (TV-PG) Wojo convinces himself that Luger is planning to commit suicide, and the police detectives investigate a string of robberies and are led to a gun collector.
Coach The Commercial, Part 2 (TV-PG) Wanting to avoid a confrontation, Hayden tries very hard to contain his jealousy when Christine is told to flirt with her new co-star in a coffee commercial.
Coach Buzzy Money (TV-PG) Hayden is overwhelmed with excitement when Kelly receives a large check from her ex-husband, until he discovers her plans for the money.
Alice My Mother, the Landlord (TV-PG) Carrie returns to Phoenix and purchases Mel's apartment building, but just as the cook envisions a rent-free future, she surprises him by increasing it.
Alice Sorry Wrong Lips (TV-PG) After reading the tales of romance in an actress' memoirs, Mel becomes convinced that he is the mystery man who she remembers as the greatest kisser ever.
Barney Miller The Architect (TV-PG) The police officers stay busy at work when they are forced to deal with a distressed architect who decides to improve on his building by destroying it.
Barney Miller The Inventor (TV-PG) Captain Miller makes a decision to bring in a psychiatrist to hypnotize Detective Wojo so that he will remember the name of a dangerous criminal.
Coach Vegas Odds (TV-PG) Wanting to give things a second try, Hayden and Christine make an impulsive decision to get married while spending the weekend with Luther in Las Vegas.
Coach Burden of the Burleighs (TV-PG) Hayden and Christine get annoyed with their friends, Howard and Shirley, when the couple suddenly decides to become their best friends.
Good Morning World You Can't Say That About Me (TV-PG)
McHale's Navy The August Teahouse of Quint McHale (TV-PG) McHale and his crew attempt to convince Captain Binghamton that his losing his mind, in order to force him to take a leave of absence.
Father Knows Best The Good Neighbor (TV-G) Margaret's wealthy father decides to give her a rental property, so she begins to renovate the property, which causes problems for the residents.
The Jack Benny Program Jack Fires Don (TV-G) Jack and Don get in an argument that leads to Don being let go from the show, and Jack holds auditions for a replacement announcer; Denis does impressions.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Trip to New York (TV-G) Blanche and Harry Morton announce that they are going to take a road trip to New York, and Gracie tries to convince George that they should go, too.
I Dream of Jeannie Happy Anniversary (TV-G) Jeannie causes Tony to return to the island where he found her bottle, but when he finds another bottle they're in for an ugly surprise that could be deadly.
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Three's a Crowd A Case of Sour Grapes (TV-PG) When they receive their tax returns, Jack decides to invest Vickys tax refund in a case of vintage wine; he finds that the wine has gone bad.
The Ropers Puppy Love (TV-PG) Worried about what Helen will do when she learns he lost her puppy, Stanley buys a look-alike pup and keeps it a secret; David wants a puppy of his own too.
Three's Company The Brunch (TV-PG) When Jack's liquor license is revoked by a reverend who held concerns about the old restaurant, Jack holds a Sunday brunch to prove his respectability.
Barney Miller Vacation (TV-PG) Strange events suggest a sniper is after an officer, but the detectives are too busy worrying about Barney's posted vacation schedule to take notice.
Mork & Mindy Hold That Mork (TV-G) Mork confesses to Mindy that he has lost yet another job, but when he meets the Denver Broncos' cheerleaders, he is inspired to try out for the squad.
Alice Mel's Recession (TV-PG) Mel announces to the staff that the diner has lost money over the past year and his accountant recommended to him that he should fire one of the waitresses.
Alice Do You Take This Waitress? (TV-PG) When Mel's old friend shows up to town with an attractive woman, Mel is determined to outshine him and pretends that he and Jolene are dating.
Alice The Secret of Mel's Diner (TV-PG) After learning that the old man who built his diner hid thousands of dollars in his home, Mel starts looking for a secret treasure stash in the diner's walls.
Barney Miller Fog (TV-PG) Captain Barney Miller becomes greatly discouraged when he is not chosen to be promoted from his current position to the new deputy inspector.
Barney Miller Homicide, Part 1 (TV-PG) When the New York Police Department rearranges the precincts into specialty squads, Luger works to get the 12th assigned as the homicide unit.
Coach The Bigger They Are (TV-PG) After discovering cancer, one of Hayden's former football players is forced into early retirement because of this surprising medical problem.
Coach Luthario (TV-PG) Unsure of what to do next, Luther begins questioning his relationship with Lorraine when their romance starts to become more serious.
Alice Alice at the Palace (TV-PG) Singer Joel Grey offers to appear in a musical revue that Mel is financing for Alice, but the chef's ignorance of the musician endangers the opportunity.
Alice Joel Grey Saves the Day (TV-PG) Mel agrees to cast singer Joel Grey as the lead in the musical revue, but the musician threatens to quit after Mel starts steering the show towards disaster.
Barney Miller Homicide, Part 2 (TV-PG) Detective Harris tries his best to impress an attractive crime photographer, while Dietrich actually goes looking for the hit man's next target.
Barney Miller The Delegate (TV-PG) When the police officers are forced to deal with a drunk and disorderly man, they discover he is actually a delegate from the 1976 Democratic convention.
Coach Dirty Tricks (TV-PG) Hayden's practical joke at a school ceremony drives Judy over the edge, and she threatens to quit her coaching job at Minnesota State University.
Coach About Face (TV-PG) Hayden tries to convince Christine that she does not need a face-lift to improve her chances of landing a job, but she decides to consult a doctor anyway.
Alice Alice's Turkey of a Thanksgiving (TV-PG) Alice's plans for Thanksgiving dinner hit a snag when her meddlesome mother comes to town and ruins the meal that she put so much work into.
Alice Carrie on the Rebound (TV-PG) Carrie announces her divorce and begins to feel depressed and cries in front of everyone, much to the staff's dismay, but one man is willing to listen to her.
Barney Miller Dorsey (TV-PG) The 12th Precinct's newest police detective convinces himself that members of the department are stealing from the force, so he decides to leave.
Barney Miller Agent Orange (TV-PG) Detective Wojo looks into a case involving a fellow veteran who went on a crime spree that may have been caused by exposure to Agent Orange.
Coach Why So Happy, Hayden? (TV-PG) Hayden puts out all the stops to recruit Tyler Roberts, the nation's current top high-school football player, but the staff from Notre Dame wants him too.
Coach One for the Road (TV-PG) Hayden and Christine's third attempt to get married includes plans for a wedding in the woods in a church that's due for demolition.
Alice Jolene's Brother Jonas (TV-PG) Jolene's brother makes a surprise visit, but the waitress is not pleased to see him, revealing that he is a con artist, which he insists is no longer true.
Alice Alice Sees the Light (TV-PG) Alice is convinced it she saw a UFO, but she has a difficult time to get people to believe her, while Mel tries to capitalize on her recent attention.
Barney Miller Call Girl (TV-PG) Members of the precinct are forced to deal with a large ring of prostitutes, and Dorsey develops a father-daughter relationship with one of the young girls.
Barney Miller Resignation (TV-PG) When Captain Miller is forced to shoot a criminal while on duty, he becomes overwhelmed with guilt and decides to resign from the 12th Precinct.
Coach Baby, On Board? (TV-PG) Hayden is rattled when he tries to develop his new team to guide them to victory, even as Christine announces she wants to have a baby.
Coach Belly of the Beast (TV-PG) Hayden stands in court for Luther's defendant dog, Quincy, who bit the MSU bandleader; Christine falls asleep during Hayden's flirting.
Alice Vera, the Virtuoso (TV-PG) When Vera tries to achieve her dreams of playing the cello with a string quartet, her instructor struggles to tell her that she is not good at playing it.
Alice Alice Faces the Music (TV-PG) The waitresses go on a television quiz show where the participants' musical knowledge gets tested, where the ladies face off against three plumbers.
Barney Miller Field Associate (TV-PG) Police officers from the 12th Precinct start to worry when an anonymous person sends information about their foul behavior to Internal Affairs.
Barney Miller Movie, Part 1 (TV-PG) Members of the 12th Precinct are shocked when Detective Harris is assigned to direct a pornographic movie for an important police investigation.
Coach Nice Work If You Can Get It (TV-PG) Hayden believes that he is the reason for Christine's success, but she thinks that her co-host job has nothing to do with his efforts.
Coach The Luck Stops Here (TV-PG) Luther truly believes that the team's big winning streak is dependent upon his lucky shirt, while Hayden has a different view of how they are winning.
Good Morning World Knits to You, Sir (TV-PG)
McHale's Navy The Happy Sleepwalker (TV-PG) After returning from a late-night trip to the nurse's quarters, McHale and the boys discover that Happy Haines has been sleepwalking.
Father Knows Best Bud, the Executive (TV-G) Bud is placed in charge of planning his school's upcoming picnic celebration, but after receiving the responsibility, he becomes power-hungry.
The Jack Benny Program Peter Lorre/Joanie Sommers Show (TV-G) Jack introduces actor Peter Lorre, who surprises Jack by being nothing like how he appears in the movies and performs an unusual song.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie and George Locked Out of Their House (TV-G) George and Gracie return home late after a party and lock themselves out of the house; they call a locksmith to let them in, but Gracie intervenes.
I Dream of Jeannie Always on Sunday (TV-G) Jeannie turns everyday into Sunday so that Tony can have time off to rest and relax, but when he tries to explain the situation everyone thinks he's gone crazy.
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