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The Big Valley Town of No Exit (TV-G) Heath stops in a dying desert town where he finds himself being hosted by a group of mentally unstable people who play deadly games with their guests.
Gunsmoke The Gun (TV-PG) After a young bank teller shoots a notorious gunman to death during a bank robbery, a big city newspaper reporter comes to town in order to publicize the event.
Bonanza Found Child (TV-G) Hoss stumbles on a stagecoach massacre and a small girl in shock, who is the lone survivor, but the relative who claims her is not what he seems.
The Big Valley Danger Road (TV-G) Victoria plans to deliver a wagonload of medicine to the Indian reservation and is joined by an Englishman who is tricked into delivering whisky.
Gunsmoke The Scavengers (TV-PG) After a black man unwittingly stumbles upon dead travelers, he tells everyone on Dodge City that innocent Native Americans committed the gruesome crime.
Bonanza The Meredith Smith (TV-G) When miser Jake Smith dies, Ben makes him a deathbed promise that his estate will go to his next of kin, Meredith Smith, but is unprepared for the result.
The Brady Bunch The Big Sprain (TV-G) Carol leaves town to visit a sick relative and Alice is left in charge of looking after the kids in the Brady home, but she sprains her ankle after tripping.
The Brady Bunch Brace Yourself (TV-G) Marcia is upset that she has to get braces, which she feels makes her ugly, and matters are made worse when her boyfriend Alan cancels on their upcoming date.
The Brady Bunch The Hero (TV-G) At the toy store, Peter saves the life of a young girl by pushing her out of the way of a wall that is about to fall, which results in much media attention.
The Brady Bunch The Possible Dream (TV-G) Marcia is upset with Cindy, who accidentally gives Marcias diary away to a book collection, thus shattering Marcias sense of security.
The Facts of Life Down and Out in Malibu, Part 1 (TV-PG) When Jo arrives in Malibu, Calif., without a penny to her name, she runs into Richard Moll, who offers her employment as his house sitter.
The Facts of Life Down and Out in Malibu, Part 2 (TV-PG) Richard Moll returns to the home he left in Jo's protection to find it's been flooded because someone left the water running in the Jacuzzi.
The Big Valley Flight from San Miguel (TV-G) Heath risks his life to help rescue a former girlfriend's husband from Mexico before he is captured and executed by the Federales.
Gunsmoke The Witness (TV-PG) When a young man is about to be tried for murder, his concerned father comes to the area in order to track down and eliminate al possible witnesses.
Bonanza Mighty Is the Word (TV-G) Paul Watson and his wife are in Virginia City to build a new church, but the ex-gunslinger-turned-preacher's life is in danger from a man who wants revenge.
The Big Valley Point and Counterpoint (TV-G) Jarrod gets caught up in a plot to destroy Victoria and may damage his own political career when he agrees to defend an accused murderer.
Gunsmoke McCabe (TV-PG) In order to see his family, a fugitive wants to return home so desperately that he takes a hostage in order to negotiate with Dan for his escape.
Bonanza The Strange One (TV-G) A wagon train expels a woman named Marie in the middle of nowhere, accusing her of witchcraft and claiming she's cursed because she has second sight.
The Big Valley Palms of Glory (TV-G) While farmers and ranchers are embroiled in a battle to keep their land, a young man suddenly shows up and claims to be the son of the late Tom Barkley.
Gunsmoke Noon Day Devil (TV-PG) When Matt chases after a Mexican bandit who is wanted for murder, the outlaw decides to take sanctuary inside of the church where his twin brother is a priest.
Bonanza The Reluctant Rebel (TV-G) Hoss catches Billy Penn, a neighbor's rebellious son rustling Cartwright cattle and is determined to set the boy straight while mending things with his father.
The Big Valley Forty Rifles (TV-G) Heath prepares for a major cattle drive but has a difficult time gaining acceptance from the Barkley ranch hands until Nick gets injured, leaving him in charge.
Gunsmoke Sergeant Holly (TV-PG) After the Army's payroll is stolen, a falsely accused man is forced to run from the law while searching for the person who framed him for the crime.
Bonanza Five Sundowns to Sunup (TV-G) Ma Lassiter's murderous brood terrorizes the town, carrying out their threat to abduct one person each day until convicted killer Harry Lassiter is released.
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The Big Valley Boots with My Father's Name (TV-G) Overcome with memories about Tom and questions about his past, Victoria travels to Heath's birthplace in order to find out more about the affair with Leah.
Gunsmoke Jenny (TV-PG) An imprisoned criminal begs Deputy Newly to release him temporarily so he can see his 9-year-old daughter during her upcoming visit to town.
Bonanza A Natural Wizard (TV-G) Skeeter Dexter, a young man with remarkable empathy for animals is severely beaten by his drunken stepfather for releasing the victims of his many traps.
The Big Valley Young Marauders (TV-G) Audra is saved from a horse stampede by a handsome stranger and finds herself becoming smitten with the young man, but her brothers are suspicious of him.
Gunsmoke Captain Sligo (TV-PG) When a former sea captain threatens to become a successful rancher, a rival cattleman uses underhanded tricks to interfere with the captain's business.
Bonanza All Ye His Saints (TV-G) A boy is impressed with the notion that only God can save his father when he is critically injured and believes he's found him in fugitive mountaineer Tom Cain.
The Brady Bunch To Move or Not to Move (TV-G) The Bradys start to receive constant complaints about the size of their house, so Mike and Carol decide to put their home up for sale.
The Brady Bunch The Grass Is Always Greener (TV-G) Mike and Carol help their kids, with the boys learning how to play baseball and Marcia learning how to cook, but the parents decide to switch roles.
The Brady Bunch Lost Locket, Found Locket (TV-G) Jan gets a locket from a secret admirer and the rest of the family is trying to figure out who anonymously sent the gift to her, but Jan loses it.
The Brady Bunch The Dropout (TV-G) After getting some professional advice, Greg decides that he wants to be a major league pitcher and drop out of school.
The Facts of Life A House Divided (TV-PG) When Natalie's boyfriend meets Tootie's for the first time, it soon becomes apparent that the two young men have nothing in common.
The Facts of Life The First Time (TV-PG) When their first anniversary of being together arrives, Natalie and Snake decide to celebrate by spending an intimate night together.
The Big Valley The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner (TV-G) An old friend returns to claim land that was promised to him by Tom Barkley 30 years ago, but the Barkley boys have plans to use the land for building a dam.
Gunsmoke Mirage (TV-PG) A vengeful father hunts Festus in order to get revenge for the shooting death of his son, but Festus can't remember the circumstances surrounding the death.
Bonanza A Dublin Lad (TV-G) Joe is the only holdout on a jury determining the guilt of Terence O'Toole, and the other jurors' firm belief in a guilty verdict prompts Joe to investigate.
The Big Valley Heritage (TV-G) While investigating a violent incident at one of the Barkley mines, Heath learns that the miners harbor animosity toward the Barkleys for breaking promises.
Gunsmoke The Tycoon (TV-PG) Festus becomes a wealthy man after he invests in a successful company, and he considers marriage after he falls in love with a woman.
Bonanza To Kill a Buffalo (TV-PG) Hoss finds an Indian boy, injured and left to die by his tribe and as usual Hoss takes the stray home to nurse him back to health, though he hates whites.
The Big Valley Winner Lose All (TV-G) Heath falls in love with the beautiful daughter of a Spanish nobleman who is involved in a land dispute with the Barkleys, and he disapproves of Heath.
Gunsmoke Jaekel (TV-PG) A conniving, psychotic killer heads home without realizing that the woman he's obsessed over has already started a new family by marrying someone else.
Bonanza Ride the Wind, Part 1 (TV-PG) A friend of Ben's becomes a business partner when Ben invests in his Pony Express venture, but Joe becomes a rider risking his life passing through Indian land.
The Big Valley My Son, My Son (TV-G) A childhood friend of Audra's returns to Stockton after a long absence and rekindles a friendship with her, but Heath gets into a confrontation with the teen.
Gunsmoke Murdoch (TV-PG) A rebellious teenage boy joins and outlaw gang under an assumed named in order to spite his father, who has been feverishly hunting the gang.
Bonanza Ride the Wind, Part 2 (TV-PG) Ben's friend Charles Ludlow is killed delivering his peace treaty to Chief Winnemucca and his son takes to drink, so his media-hungry assistant takes over.
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