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The Big Valley The Haunted Gun (TV-G) An old friend of the Barkleys returns to Stockton as a senator, but he suffers from paranoia when his fears of assassination cause him to distrust everyone.
Gunsmoke Arizona Midnight (TV-PG) The residents of Dodge City are extremely skeptical when a traveling cowboy claims that he is going to transform into an elephant at the stroke of midnight.
Bonanza The Prince (TV-PG) A visit from Russian royalty to learn western cattle farming techniques attracts unwelcome attention from a jewel thief intent on the countess' valuables.
The Big Valley Price of Victory (TV-G) Nick discovers that a professional boxer has been badly injured but seems determined to keep fighting, so he decides to manage the boxer in one last fight.
Gunsmoke Homecoming (TV-PG) Two shady outlaws are looking to score some money and are willing to deceive even their mother to achieve their dreams of wealth.
Bonanza A Man Without Land (TV-G) When land-hungry foreman Ed Philips' plan to gain his employer Matt Jeffers' ranch for back taxes is derailed by Ben Cartwright, he plots to get revenge.
The Big Valley Brother Love (TV-G) A smooth-talking preacher tries to work his loving charms on Audra, but Heath becomes suspicious and takes action to prove that he is just a con artist.
Gunsmoke Shadler (TV-PG) After an accused criminal escapes from prison by masquerading as a priest, he runs into Newly in a small town that is being ravaged by disease.
Bonanza Napoleon's Children (TV-G) A troubled young man raised by an alcoholic professor is a history buff and under the name Napoleon, forges an army of teens, terrorizing Virginia City.
The Brady Bunch Juliet Is the Sun (TV-G) Marcia lands the leading role in the schools production of "Romeo and Juliet", despite auditioning for a smaller role; she thinks her mother had influence.
The Brady Bunch And Now a Word from Our Sponsor (TV-G) Carol and the kids meet a television commercial director at the grocery store and he wants them all to appear in his new commercial for laundry detergent.
The Brady Bunch The Private Ear (TV-G) Marcia is upset with Jan after she tells somebody a secret Marcia trusted her with, and Greg is upset with Marcia, while Bobby is angry with Cindy.
The Brady Bunch Her Sister's Shadow (TV-G) Jan gets tired of being compared to her older sister and decides to enter a school-sponsored patriotic essay contest and be able to create her own identity.
The Facts of Life Runaway (TV-PG) Tootie runs off to New York City to meet up with the girls and Mrs. Garrett, and catch the Broadway show; but she encounters a young prostitute instead.
The Facts of Life New York, New York (TV-PG) Blair and Jo realize how much Eastland has transformed them when they both go back to New York City for a weekend with their old friends.
The Big Valley Court Martial (TV-G) The family gets a visit from Nick's former general, but trouble ensues when a group of ex-confederate soldiers shows up and wants to punish him for war crimes.
Gunsmoke Patricia (TV-PG) After Newly proposes to the woman he's fallen in love with, he is stunned to learn that Doc Adams has diagnosed her with a rare and terminal blood disorder.
Bonanza The Wormwood Cup (TV-G) To avenge her brother's death, a bereaved woman offers $1,000 to any person who can kill Little Joe, who was found not guilty of the man's murder.
The Big Valley Plunder at Hawk's Grove (TV-G) A weakened dam results in floods, and the citizens are evacuated while the newly-deputized Heath must stay behind and protect the town from a gang of looters.
Gunsmoke A Quiet Day in Dodge (TV-PG) After being on the road for two days straight, Matt little time to recover from the journey thanks to a series of mishaps and an argument with Kitty.
Bonanza Clarissa (TV-PG) Ben's pretentious cousin from back east, Clarissa, arrives at the Ponderosa for a visit and disrupts the smooth operation of the ranch with her meddling.
The Big Valley Turn of a Card (TV-G) While Heath travels with $5,000 intended for use on a water pump at one of the Barkley mines, a professional gambler attempts to strip him of the money.
Gunsmoke Whelan's Men (TV-PG) Kitty challenges the leader of an outlaw gang to a poker game with Dillon's life at stake while Marshal Dillon is away from Dodge City.
Bonanza Maestro Hoss (TV-G) An easy touch for crafty fortune tellers, Hoss believes Madame Morova's prediction that he is a violin virtuoso about to be discovered at a grand performance.
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The Big Valley Showdown in Limbo (TV-G) Heath helps transport a wanted criminal and must fight off his brother trying to free him.
Gunsmoke Kimbro (TV-PG) When Matt learns that his former mentor is now a drunkard, he tries to intervene by offering the ex-lawman a job as a temporary deputy in Dodge City.
Bonanza The Greedy Ones (TV-G) An old prospector finds gold on the Cartwrights' property and tells everyone in town about it, causing the Cartwrights to worry their property will be ravaged.
The Big Valley The Lady from Mesa (TV-G) Nick searches for the daughter of a badly-injured ranch hand, and has unexpected results.
Gunsmoke Jesse (TV-PG) After Festus learns that an old friend is a wanted man, he struggles with the decision to turn his friend in to the proper authorities.
Bonanza Second Chance (TV-G) Joe is injured by an arrow when the boys travel to warn settlers of an impending Indian attack and the only help Hoss can find is a motley crew on a wagon train
The Big Valley Days of Grace (TV-G) Heath is wrongfully-arrested for attempted rape but gets help from a nun who used to be his girlfriend.
Gunsmoke Talbot (TV-PG) After an outlaw is forced to kill a man in self-defense, he falls in love with the dead man's grieving widow, who wants him to give up his life of crime.
Bonanza Sense of Duty (TV-G) The Cartwrights join the local militia transporting an Indian to jail, but followers of the rebel leader are a threat and they find a stranger their best bet.
The Brady Bunch Click (TV-G) Greg makes it onto the football team but he is afraid to tell Carol, because she objects to the game because it is too violent, and doesn't want him to play.
The Brady Bunch Getting Davy Jones (TV-G) Marcia brags to her friends that she can arrange for singer Davy Jones to perform at the schools upcoming school dance, and she tries to get him.
The Brady Bunch The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses (TV-G) Mike and Carol receive distressing news about Jan, but they're all simple misunderstandings that indicate that Jan may need glasses.
The Brady Bunch The Teeter-Totter Caper (TV-G) Bobby and Cindy decide they want to prove their worth to their older siblings by attempting to break the world record for teeter-tottering.
The Facts of Life Ain't Miss Beholden (TV-PG) Jo's future at Eastland is in jeopardy when she finds out her scholarship funds are drying up and that Blair may be her only hope to stay.
Diff'rent Strokes Carmella Meets the Gooch (TV-PG) School bully The Gooch re-enters the picture to prey on Sam, but the Italian foreign exchange student who lives next door steps up to protect him.
The Big Valley Cage of Eagles (TV-G) Nick captures an eagle, and a dynamiter causes trouble at a Barkley mine.
Gunsmoke This Golden Land (TV-PG) When a Russian Jewish family moves to Kansas to start a new life as farmers, they are ridiculed by the cowboys and farmers who are their neighbors.
Bonanza The Conquistadors (TV-G) A price of $25,000 is placed on Joe's head, tempting a band of poverty-stricken Mexican villagers to kidnap him, but they are pursued by a group of cowboys.
The Big Valley Joaquin (TV-G) A Barkley ranch hand is found killed shortly after a man claims that the new hired hand is actually a deadly outlaw wanted in Mexico.
Gunsmoke Women for Sale, Part 1 (TV-PG) An outlaw gang of dissident Native Americans captures females in Kansas, so they can sell the captured women into slave labor and prostitution.
Bonanza Judgment at Olympus (TV-G) Joe attends Candy's murder trial and tries to find the real killer, but when Joe is arrested for supposedly killing the sole witness, Hoss takes up the search.
The Big Valley Ambush (TV-G) Victoria revisits a desert mission and fights to protect a group of native women from a gang of killers and the only help she has is a reformed alcoholic.
Gunsmoke Women for Sale, Part 2 (TV-PG) After Matt helps two of the captured women escape, they offer to help him rescue the remaining captives before the group can cross the border.
Bonanza Night of Reckoning (TV-G) A man on the run from his own gang ends up at the Ponderosa after getting shot during a robbery, where Joe and Hoss take care of his wounds.
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