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The Beverly Hillbillies The Richest Woman (TV-G) A rich woman sees potential in the Clampett's Beverly Hills estate and plans to buy it from them; Jeb resists, and the rest don't take her seriously.
My Three Sons TV Triplets (TV-G) The triplets are given the chance to appear in a television commercial, but their rowdy behavior almost ruins the day for everyone involved.
Leave It to Beaver Ward's Baseball (TV-G) Ward's treasured autographed baseball becomes the object that Larry and Beaver just can't keep their hands off of.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Monkey (TV-G) Ward and June won't let Beaver keep his pet mouse, but tell him he can have a tamed pet and later Beaver sees an ad for a monkey needing a good home.
Perry Mason The Case of the Deadly Toy (TV-PG) Perry closely monitors a 5 year-old child as he believes he is a suspect in the murder of his father, due to a deceptive "toy" gun and a potential motive.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Trotting Horse (TV-G) Granny needs help getting around Beverly Hills, and it's apparent driving isn't a skill she'll ever acquire; Drysdale sells her a racehorse.
My Three Sons Three for School (TV-G) Katie enrolls the triplets in a nursery school so that she can take a part-time job as a secretary; Uncle Charley's unusual behavior worries the family.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Finds a Wallet (TV-G) Beaver and Larry are sent on an errand by Mrs. Cleaver and on their way they find a wallet with a large amount of cash inside that they take to the police.
Leave It to Beaver Mother's Day Composition (TV-G) As a school assignment, Beaver must write an essay about his mother but feels as though she is too boring and decides to "elaborate" and embellish his essay.
Perry Mason The Case of the Spanish Cross (TV-PG) A young man on probation is trying to turn his life around, but suddenly he is accused of stealing a priceless Spanish cross and murdering the owner.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Buggy (TV-G) Mrs. Drysdale makes a deal with Mr. Drysdale that if she wins a buggy race with Granny then the Clampetts will leave Beverly Hills; Granny gets an old horse.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Cat Burglar (TV-G) Elly begins setting traps around the mansion to keep a cat burglar from stealing her pets; Mr. Drysdale stays with the Clampetts to watch out for them.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Penguins Down Under (HD, TV-Y) Jeff Corwin travels to New Zealand to get a closer look at Yellow-Eyed Penguins where biologists are fighting to protect young penguins from predators.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Hawaii Shark Adventure (HD, TV-Y) Host Jeff Corwin gets the opportunity to join an international team of biologists that are studying Hawaiian sharks using the latest technology.
Calling Dr. Pol Pol in the Family (HD, TV-G) The Pol family gathers from all over the place for a much needed family reunion.
Calling Dr. Pol Halloween Tails (HD, TV-G) On Halloween, the clinic ends up much busier than usual, with doctors scrambling to deal with the flood of patients while Charles celebrates the holiday.
Mystery Hunters Screaming Skull; Pele (TV-G) Araya searches for the fire goddess Pele in Hawaii; Christina investigates screaming skulls in England; Doubting Dave makes his own miniature volcano with lava.
Mystery Hunters King Midas; Blood Cave (TV-G) Araya investigates a haunted cave in Hawaii; Christina travels to Turkey to investigate the tomb of King Midas; Dave shows how to turn a penny into gold.
Beakman's World Electricity, Beakmania & Light Bulbs (TV-G) Thomas Edison talks about what makes light bulbs work, while the East Bay Electrons illustrate an electric current.
Beakman's World Sound, Beakmania & Explosions (TV-G) Beakman explores the nature of sound and what causes an explosion to occur.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Digestion (TV-G) Bill takes an opportunity to explain the various chemical reactions and biological activities that are unleashed with proper nourishment.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Magnetism (TV-G) Bill Nye shows all kinds of unexpected places where magnets can be found, as he explains magnetic fields, why opposites attract and how to make a compass.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Big Chicken (TV-G) Granny thinks her growing tonic has worked wonders when she confuses Mr. Drysdale's ostrich for a giant chicken, and she rushes to turn it back.
My Three Sons Alfred (TV-G) Uncle Charley invites a first grader with a crush on Dodie over to the house for dinner, and to get out of seeing the boy, Dodie pretends to be sick.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Violet (TV-G) Mr. Rutherford asks the Cleavers to join his family on a picnic and Beaver is horrified that Violet spends the whole time with him and even kisses him.
Leave It to Beaver The Spot Removers (TV-G) Beaver and his new friend Richard accidentally spill oil on the suit that Wally is supposed to wear to an upcoming dance.
Perry Mason The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom (TV-PG) A polygamous husband has one of his wives subsequently murdered and Perry must figure out why the other wife is after her husband's secretary.
The Beverly Hillbillies Sonny Drysdale Returns (TV-G) Granny spreads the word that Elly will soon be getting married when she hears that Sonny Drysdale will be returning, and Drysdale finds his son a job.
My Three Sons Buttons and Beaux (TV-G) The members of the Douglas family try to cheer Katie up by taking her out for dinner, but each member ends up taking her to the same restaurant.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver the Model (TV-G) Beaver gets caught in the middle of a model scam when a company asks for payment for putting his picture in their modeling directory.
Leave It to Beaver Wally, the Businessman (TV-G) After landing a job selling Igloo ice cream, Wally starts to give everyone in the neighborhood treats on credit, including Eddie.
Perry Mason The Case of the Lame Canary (TV-PG) An unstable woman plans to divorce her husband so she can marry her liaison and believes her husband is trying to kill her for doing so.
The Beverly Hillbillies Brewster's Baby (TV-G) Granny hears the Brewsters are about to welcome a baby into the world, and she announces she's going to go help until Mr. Drysdale talks her out of it.
My Three Sons Peanuts (TV-G) Dodie learns that her class will be selling snacks for charity at the upcoming school fair, so she recruits her whole family to help her bag peanuts.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver and Ivanhoe (TV-G) Ward suggests that Beaver should read "Ivanhoe" to complete his reading requirement for school and he becomes so enthralled he begins acting like a knight.
Leave It to Beaver Wally's Play (TV-G) Wally learns his part in his new all-boys club's latest play isn't exactly what he expected, and Beaver is shocked to find Wally's costume in his room.
Perry Mason The Case of the Spurious Sister (TV-PG) A passive husband encounters the strangled body of his nagging wife just before leaving on a trip and decides not to tell anyone out of fear of looking guilty.
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The Beverly Hillbillies The Great Jethro (TV-G) After seeing his magic on the street, Jethro brings home a magician and decides to learn his craft from him and buy his tricks as his new job.
My Three Sons Bad Day for Steve (TV-G) After a recent spate of bad luck hits the Douglas family, Ernie comes to believe that their problems are all a result of the recent full moon.
Leave It to Beaver The Last Day of School (TV-G) Beaver's "last school day" gift ritual gets complicated when he uncovers what he thinks is his teacher's present, a frilly slip; he searches for a substitute.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Team (TV-G) Beaver's football team is given an edge with a secret play formula that nearly guarantees a win; Beaver learns the hard way that a secret shouldn't be shared.
Perry Mason The Case of the Watery Witness (TV-PG) A conniving husband approaches the assumed mother, a fading movie star, of his wife and demands a portion of his wife's inheritance.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Old Folks Home (TV-G) Granny begins to worry she's about to be sent to a retirement home when Jed asks Jethro and Elly to make Granny think she is too old to still be cleaning.
My Three Sons Second Banana (TV-G) Barbara enters her recipe for "Tangy Tidbits" into a cooking contest and is surprised when she actually wins a trip to the finals competition in Hawaii.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Won't Eat (TV-G) Dining out doesn't influence Beaver's refusal to eat Brussels sprouts; the stalemate forces his parents into a struggle to get him to eat then, there and now.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's House Guest (TV-G) Beaver's parents needn't be overly concerned about his friend's weekend visit; it appears that the pal, and not Beaver, would gladly exchange lifestyles.
Perry Mason The Case of the Garrulous Gambler (TV-PG) A hapless man gets into an argument during a poker game and attacks another player, leading to a faked murder and a ruthless blackmail scheme.
The Beverly Hillbillies Flatt and Scruggs Return (TV-G) A country singer's wife hope for a career of her own, but finds resistance; a misunderstanding leads Drysdale to firing Jane for not doing her job.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Folk Singers (TV-G) Both Jane and Jethro decide they should try their hands at being folk singers after Jethro gives up his failing career as an astronaut and Jane quits the bank.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin New Zealand Island Adventure (HD, TV-Y) Jeff travels along a remote island chain of Southern New Zealand and helps scientists to protect the animals he finds there from invasive species and predators.
Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin Nile Crocodiles (HD, TV-Y) Jeff travels to Botswana, Africa to get a closer look at the home of the Nile Crocodile, known as one of the largest predators on the planet.
Calling Dr. Pol Mitten Racing (HD, TV-G) Doctor Pol is looking to be a big winner at a stable of racing horses, hoping for successful births.
Calling Dr. Pol Spooktacular Vet (HD, TV-G) Doctors at the clinic partake in Halloween pranks and mischief.
Mystery Hunters Alien Contact (TV-G) Araya talks to people who have had alien encounters; Christina meets a man who recorded what he thinks is a message from aliens; Dave makes a parabolic dish.
Mystery Hunters Monster Museums (TV-G) Christina examines a mummy from a roadside museum in Seattle; Araya travels to a curiosity museum in New York to investigate the mummified body of a giant man.
Beakman's World Refraction, Beakmania and Attraction (TV-G) Beakman explains how light is bent through a person's eyeglasses to help them see; next, Beakman makes a homemade compass with a needle and a bowl of water.
Beakman's World Levers, Beakmania & Television (TV-G) Philo T. Farnsworth explains how the television works; Beakman and the others demonstrate how levers make work easier.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Blood and Circulation (TV-G) Host Bill Nye provided viewers with a glimpse inside the biological importance of blood circulatory systems and their relationships with the heart.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Static Electricity (TV-G) Bill Nye lectures about a stationary electric charge that is typically produced by friction that causes sparks or crackling or the attraction of dust or hair.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Beautiful Maid (TV-G) A Swedish actress arrives at the Clampetts' home, posing as a poor girl seeking a job as a maid while preparing for a role in a new movie.
My Three Sons Bad Day for Barbara (TV-G) An ill Barbara hopes to have the house to herself so she can rest, but a teacher's strike leads to the kids being sent home early from school.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver Becomes a Hero (TV-G) Beaver turns a simple shallow-water-wade to secure a drifting canoe into a heroic event; he must tell the truth before a local newspaper prints the story.
Leave It to Beaver Wally, the Lifeguard (TV-G) An oversight has Wally working at the Lake as a vendor instead of as a lifeguard; Beaver's ashamed and refuses to be around him, while Dad is ashamed of Beaver.
Perry Mason The Case of the Blushing Pearls (TV-PG) A father disapproving of an interracial romance hires a detective to frame a Japanese girl for the theft of his wife's expensive pearls.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jethro's Pad (TV-G) Jethro is inspired by a men's magazine he uncovers while cleaning Mr. Drysdale's garage, and he heads to a local club to pick up some girls.
My Three Sons The Birth of Arfie (TV-G) When Tramp develops the habit of running away at night, Uncle Charley attempts to comfort Dodie by making her a rag doll and name it Arfie.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Freckles (TV-G) When Beaver's freckles catch the attention of the resident mocker, he desperately tries to be rid of them; he even resorts to using his mother's make-up.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver's Big Contest (TV-G) Joy turns to grief when, after winning a $3,500 red sports car, Beaver learns it is going to be sold, and all proceeds are going directly into his college fund.
Perry Mason The Case of the Startled Stallion (TV-PG) A rancher has foreclosed on a neighboring rancher's property and prized stallion, but the foreclosing rancher soon dies from what appears to a horse attack.
The Beverly Hillbillies The Bird Watchers (TV-G) Elly joins Jane and a professor on a bird watch while Jed and Granny try to set her up with a different man; the two come to blows when both want a date.
My Three Sons Lonesome Katie (TV-G) Katie wonders what life would be like without Robbie; Dodie and a friend try to convince Barbara that they are old enough to have their first slumber party.
Leave It to Beaver Miss Landers' Fiance (TV-G) While doing lawn work at his teacher's home, Beaver learns the meaning of a word that will alter his way of viewing things and change him forever, "fiancé."
Leave It to Beaver Eddie's Double Cross (TV-G) A rift develops between Eddie and Wally; Wally warns that Eddie's popular date may not be as genuine as he believes her to be, and that the dates are ploys.
Perry Mason The Case of Paul Drake's Dilemma (TV-PG) An altercation between Paul and another man leads to both men being knocked unconscious during a scuffle, only to find himself awakening to the dead man's body.
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